Orchard Infant School

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Wow, what an amazing sports day we’ve had! We had relay races, egg and spoon races (using tennis rackets!), obstacle courses and so much more and lets not forget the adults welly wanging competition! It’s been a full on day of fun! Well done to all the children for being so fantastic, you made us all so proud.

We have had such a great week in the Apples, focussing on our digging area that Mrs Kemp has set up for us! We have been exploring the soil and finding a variety of minibeasts which have been hiding in dark, damp areas! Then, Miss Julliand bought a ‘worm world’ in to the garden, and collaboratively, the children created the different layers of the world, and spoke about the different foods we could include...we cannot wait to see what the worms have been getting up to next week!

This week, the children have enjoyed writing in the learning garden. We have had menus for the cafe, recounts of our week off as well as facts about sea creatures and animals!

We have been having lots of fun exploring our new 'Music Corner' in the garden. We have been creating lots of different sounds, and investigating the range of loud and soft sounds we can make!

We are so excited to celebrate our library being opened again! The Apples class made our way to meet Mrs Needham, the school librarian, who told us that we can borrow books from library, and even take them home! She then showed us the different areas of the library, and showed us how we scan our books out. We had so much fun exploring the different books, and choosing the one we wanted!

The children have been excited to explore the different bugs that have been making our learning garden their own habitat. We talked about ways to encourage more minibeasts in to the garden, and the children deciding on making a bug hotel. They used a tyre from the garden along with bits and bobs collected in our woods, and got to work interdependently! We can't wait to see what visitors we have...

We have been learning to move our body in different ways in PE this week interdependently!

We spent time this week deciding what we wanted to learn about. We democratically voted in the class, and most of the class decided on 'creatures under the sea'. We therefore got busy, generating our questions that we want to explore throughout this project, as well as coming up with our project title 'Deep Sea Divers'.

We have been learning about the story ‘Have you filled a bucket today’, and we talked about what fills our buckets, what empties them and the fact that emptying someone else’s bucket will never make our own bucket full! We then decided to make a bucket to take home.

We have had so much fun at the has been extremely busy, we even had a hippo for sale!

World Book Day


What a fun day we have had today! We have been exploring stories by Oliver Jeffers, and as we are focussing on ‘space’ at the moment, we chose to focus on ‘How to catch a star’. The children listened to the story and we talked about how we would catch our own stars. We decided to turn our door into the front cover of the book, and the children worked interdependently to paint, cut, collage and make the different parts of the cover. 

We acted out the different parts of the story and spent lots of time reading books with our friends. What a fantastic day!

We acted out the story

This week we thought it would be a niceness idea to brighten up the garden by planting some primula sandy daffodils. We also talked about using a propagator for the seedlings. We can’t wait to see the strawberries, tomatoes, mangetout and cucumbers that we have planted too!

Using books to recreate rockets!

We have been adding two digits to find a total this week! We have played lots of games where we have to add the numbers up by counting on using objects or using number tracks to count on. We even had a go at recording them...

The children had a lovely morning. We started the day with a Joe Wicks special Children in Need work out followed by a Pudsey bear collage and lots of pudsey colouring activities.  We had lots of fun and finished the morning with a chat about Children in Need and a lovely Mr Tumble and Pudsey story. 

In the afternoon, the children had lots of fun making their own Pudsey head bands, and enjoyed wearing them around the garden and classroom. What a fantastic day! 

At Orchard Infant School we will be remembering all those who fought for their country, those who died and those who came home.


As a school community we all have a connection to someone who has given their lives to ensure we can live in peace and happiness. 


For this reason we will be celebrating Remembrance Day at 11am on the 11/11/20 where a 2 minutes silence will be respected for the fallen.


Our children will learn the importance of Remembrance Day and will create a poppy display in our school hall in honour of all service men and women past and present. 


Lest we forget. 

We have been strengthening our core muscles with different exercises all linked to Jack and the Beanstalk!

We have had lots of little pigs building houses in our garden...beware of the big bad wolf!

Look at the display the children made collaboratively...everything was made and cut by our wonderful Apples!

Welcome to the Apples...


Well, what can we say? All of our Apples children have been coming into school incredibly since we started. They hang their coats up independently and put away their water bottles and book bags without any fuss what so ever.


We have spent time getting know each other and have been playing beautifully with our friends. Here are a few pictures from the past few weeks...