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Well done Cherries 🍒 You are all showing fantastic resilience and a glass half full attitude whilst staying at home and keeping safe. There have been some lovely videos and photos uploaded to Tapestry showing you all engaging with the activities suggested by us. We hope you are enjoying your daily phonics and maths, PE with Joe Wicks and the other more creative activities.

Mrs Gallimore and Mrs Anderson

World Book Day 2020

Cherries enjoyed sharing their favourite stories and dressing as their favourite book characters. Throughout the day we heard stories (or parts of stories) from AA. Milne, Dr Seuss, Sarah McIntyre and Tom Fletcher, we also shared non-fiction books like the 'Deadly 60' and 'Milan Football Team' annuals.

We had a wonderful day and all of the children looked amazing in their costumes.


The Cherries enjoyed a wonderful science week finding the answer to their question “How is snow made?”

We watched video clips from ‘The Meteorological Office’ which explained why and how snow is formed and what conditions are needed.

As we could not make it snow, we investigated the children’s recipes for ‘play snow’ including:

  • ripped up tissue and water
  • bicarbonate of soda and water
  • bicarbonate of soda and shaving foam
  • grated ice


We also found out how polar bears and whales cope in their polar habitat, by making blubber gloves to feel how a layer of fat helps to insulate against the cold.


We challenged the Cherries to create a boat which was strong, long and suitable to get the penguin and the boy to the South Pole. With only three different materials, paper straws, paper card and plastic. The children got into groups of 5,  and, working interdependently they decided which material would be the best and decide on their design. The cherries were able to test their ideas in the water tray in the garden. We came to the conclusion that the plastic material would be the best as it is strong and waterproof.

We used our computer skills to design and draw different transport, take a look...

Keeping fit and healthy is super important to us at Orchard Infant School. We love PE and the Golden Mile but we wanted something energetic to finish our week. We do a 5 minute Joe Wicks workout every Friday morning now, even the teachers join in! Keep active keep moving!!


The Cherries have now learned all of the ‘Phase 2’ sounds and have begun the next phase in Phonics, we are beginning to use the sounds we know to robot simple words when reading and writing.

In maths, ‘Marc the Maths Monkey’ and the ‘Numberblocks’ have been helping the children to recognise, order and count using all of the numbers to 10.


We were very lucky to receive a visit form the Mangoes class, who shared their books and puppets with us.

The lead up to Christmas was very exciting with lots of Christmas activities, we learned how to label pictures, made cone characters from the Nativity, wrote lists and letters to Santa, decorated the classroom and made a long paperchain.


The children joined the rest of the Pippins to perform “Everybody loves a Baby” exploring the Christmas story. They learned songs, dances and lines to each play a part in the performance.




What an exciting first week of school we have had in the Cherries class! We have been making new friends and have enjoyed learning about each other.

We have been learning the rules of the school and safety rules in the learning garden as well as learning to listen really well; Lola the Listening Leopard is helping us by playing listening games with us, and each day in Phonics we are improving our listening skills with games and songs.

We were a little nervous going into the hall to have lunch for the very first time, but we went in together and helped each other. Mrs Gallimore told us that she was incredibly proud that we lined up, found our cutlery, were very polite to the ladies serving our food and then after carefully choosing our pudding sat and ate with very little support!

We have investigated all the different areas of the school, some of us even got a special visit to Mrs West’s office, and it was very exciting!

So far our favourite part of the day has been ‘Busy Bee time’ where we are showing our growing independence by choosing our own resources and activities. The water tray and wall has been very popular as we investigate the flow of water (and cars) down the tubes. We have also enjoyed dressing up, drawing and painting, modelling with playdough, role play and computer activities.

Mrs Gallimore and Mrs Anderson cannot wait until next week to have even more fun with the Charming, Cheerful Cherries!

Look at the fun we've been having!