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Autumn 1

What an exciting first week of school we have had in the Cherries class! We have been making new friends and have enjoyed learning about each other.

We have been learning the rules of the school and safety rules in the learning garden as well as learning to listen really well; Lola the Listening Leopard is helping us by playing listening games with us, and each day in Phonics we are improving our listening skills with games and songs.

We were a little nervous going into the hall to have lunch for the very first time, but we went in together and helped each other. Mrs Gallimore told us that she was incredibly proud that we lined up, found our cutlery, were very polite to the ladies serving our food and then after carefully choosing our pudding sat and ate with very little support!

We have investigated all the different areas of the school, some of us even got a special visit to Mrs West’s office, and it was very exciting!

So far our favourite part of the day has been ‘Busy Bee time’ where we are showing our growing independence by choosing our own resources and activities. The water tray and wall has been very popular as we investigate the flow of water (and cars) down the tubes. We have also enjoyed dressing up, drawing and painting, modelling with playdough, role play and computer activities.

Mrs Gallimore and Mrs Anderson cannot wait until next week to have even more fun with the Charming, Cheerful Cherries!

Look at the fun we've been having!