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Sports Day 2021

Wow what an amazing day we had today! Some of the activities included obstacle courses, relay races, giant egg and spoon, target ball skills and, of course, our favourite Cosmic Yoga! 

The Cherries especially enjoyed watching the staff compete in a 'Welly Wanging' contest and many cool down sessions in the woods as well as some free dancing and time on the playtrail.

A fantastic time was had by all, and although our families were not there to encourage us, we were excellent at cheering each other on and all families should be very proud!

This week we have been having fun in our vet role play and writing care plans for the animals. 

We have independently made our 'junk modelling' animals, referring to our designs and learning new techniques to join, from each other. We have all enjoyed painting our creatures, again independently - even remembering to wash up after ourselves!

We we in awe when the smallest of our tadpoles developed into a tiny froglet - we have named him Fred, he is the size of one of our finger nails!


This week the sun has been out, and so we have been enjoying making the blocks into a summer festival stage! we have been in bands. solo singers, amazing and groovy dancers and hilarious joke tellers. What a performance! Cherries are full of joy, talents and imagination!

We got the clay out in Busy Bee time this week. The children explored the clay, then decided to create their own animals. Some real and others from the children's imagination, like the 'tigershark' - a stripy fierce creature living in the depths, surrounded by crabs! 

As part of our project 'My family and Other Animals' we investigated a snake skin and some tarantula skins we had been given. We looked at the skins under the microscope and were amazed at just how hairy the spiders legs were. We compared the two snake skins and all of the spider skins as they were all different size and colours. Some of the more intrepid Cherries even held the skins - How brave!

Cherries have loved visiting our shop this week to spend their pennies. They have been incorporating their adding skills by buying two items each time. The children used a number track to help them count on to find the total value of their items.

As our class project is all about animals Mrs Needham came to visit to share her African safari experience with us. She showed us some amazing close up photographs of her safari and told us some fantastic tales of lions halting the jeep,  showed us the way the camouflage helps the animals hide and also shared the plight of the rhino. The Cherries asked some excellent questions, for example "What do rhinos need to survive?" We did have to look up a few answers after Mrs Needham's visit.  The Cherries finished with a enthusiastic "Thank you so much for sharing with us Mrs Needham."

As part of developing our resilience we have been learning about 'Multiple Intelligences' and trying out different activities to see what we enjoy and what we find easier to do. This week we explored being 'Body Smart' by challenging ourselves to conquer the large play trail, we were victorious!

This week, we have been learning about repeating patterns. We have made repeating patterns in the woods using sticks and leaves, patterns in PE (boy, girl, boy, girl; sit, stand, sit stand) and have made patterns in the classroom and learning garden using coloured cubes, bricks, and paper chains. We have also been learning about the number 7 and the seven days of the week. We have read 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' and made our own caterpillars using our fingerprints in paint with 7 body parts and 7 legs. We also listened to the same story in Spanish and learnt some Spanish words by singing a song with Tomas the Turtle.


We have also enjoyed decorating our classroom for Christmas, starting our class advent calendars, making cone Christmas characters as an independent challenge and reading different versions of the Christmas story. 

At Orchard Infant School we will be remembering all those who fought for their country, those who died and those who came home.


As a school community we all have a connection to someone who has given their lives to ensure we can live in peace and happiness. 


For this reason we will be celebrating Remembrance Day at 11am on the 11/11/20 where a 2 minutes silence will be respected for the fallen.


Our children will learn the importance of Remembrance Day and will create a poppy display in our school hall in honour of all service men and women past and present. 


Lest we forget. 


Another wonderful week in Cherries

This week in the Cherries we have listened to a story about independence and then got into our ‘Family Groups’, the Zogs and the Gruffallos to talk about how independent we already are, and what independence means to us.

We had an exciting time in the Orchard hunting for bugs, we found evidence of caterpillars, and were fascinated at how the wasps had hollowed out the pears. We found ants, fruit flies and even some woodlice livening in a rotten apple. We also went on another welly walk in the woods and then created a lovely autumn display using the natural objects we found. 


This week we have also been practising writing and blending the graphemes that we have learned in phonics to make simple words. In maths we have been concentrating on the numbers 0 and 1 we’ve practiced our number formation looked at what zero means and the ‘oneness’ of one, what they looks like, how they are represented in different ways. 

Finally we completed the week with a bit of mindfulness we had some calm time learning breathing techniques to help us feel relaxed.

What an exciting first couple of weeks we have had in the Cherries class! We have been making new friends and have enjoyed learning about each other.

We have been learning the rules of the school and safety rules in the learning garden as well as learning to listen really well; Lola the Listening Leopard is helping us by playing listening games with us, and each day in Phonics we are improving our listening skills with games and songs.