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Cherries Class September 2018


World Book Day - 08/03/2019


We have had a fantastic day, it started with a very exciting and funny assembly where we learnt that boys like to read too! We then back to the classroom and talked about everything that we know about 'Little Red Riding Hood', which was quite a lot! We made a bubble map with all of our contributions, which we added to throughout the day.

We shared many versions of the story and in some of them, the wolf even turned out to be good!!


Throughout the day, some of the children used pictures to create their own version of the story - it was a real hub of excitement!


What a wonderful way to spend the day, I hope all the children have lots of fun telling you all about it this evening.


Mrs Gallimore


Friday 11th January 2019


All of the Cherries were very excited to come back to school and share what they have been doing over the Christmas break. We have heard all about wonderful visits to Santa, family and friends. Long journeys and glorious feasts. We have some very lucky children receiving wonderful gifts; the children must have all been on Santa’s nice list, but that is no surprise!


We have begun looking at ‘The body’ this week, initially the human body but the children are also interested in how animal bodies are different. The children were fascinated to look at x-rays of creatures like snakes, chameleons and turtles. They have been busy making organs with Mrs Anderson to create an anatomical model of a child.

In writing we are focussing on caption writing and have begun to recognise and order numbers to 15 in maths.


Friday 16th November 2018


This week the Cherries have been exploring technology. They have proved to be very good at understanding the Ipads and were capable of navigating to an app that they wanted to use. Mrs Gallimore was very impressed that most of them found the ‘Cbeebies Storytime’ app and were able to interact with a number of stories independently. We had a morning of music using both the Ipad app ‘Garage Band’ and the computer programme ‘2 sequence’ to help us to make amazing, rhythmical music.


We have continued to investigate shapes and number bonds to 5 and are becoming very adept at using the ‘part-part-whole model to show our number bonds.


We have been writing lists, this week writing a list of animals Beau the bear saw on his trip to the farm. Mrs Gallimore encouraged us to hear all the sounds in each animal name and find them on a sound mat.


We have also been learning to tell a story using a story map that we drew with Mrs Gallimore and Mrs Anderson. You may have heard us practising at home. A picture of the story map is included in the photos if you would like to help us.


Picture 1

Friday 9th November 2018

This week the Cherries have been learning our number bonds to 5. With Mrs Gallimore’s help we loved proving to Miss Sidney that there are more than 2 ways to make 5, we actually found 6 different ways: 0+5, 1+4, 2+3, 3+2, 4+1 and 5+0.

We decided that we wanted to know all about animals (real ones this time) and had many questions to answer. One of which was why tigers have stripes; some super keen Cherries have already found the answer and we all had a very interesting discussion about camouflage. We have been trying to find the answers to our other questions by looking in books and with Mrs Andersons help searching the internet; we found some fabulous ‘Deadly 60’ clips.


We have been using lots of technology this week including microphones, microscopes and tablets. Mrs Gallimore shared a story about using the internet safely and taught us a song from the story to remind us what to do if we have any worries when we are on the internet at home and school (see the photos if you would like to sing it with us).


Finally on Friday in a culmination of our remembrance activities over the last couple of weeks; Cherries placed remembrance crosses below the flagpole at the Junior school, to mark the 100th anniversary of the end of First World War and to remember all our soldiers who have died in wars. The Cherries were quiet and showed great respect, despite being caught in a downpour.



Friday 2nd November 2018


This week the Cherries have begun ‘Birthday Bike Surprise’ in PE, but first of all we all had to get changed. Mrs Anderson and Mrs Gallimore were very impressed how independent most children were getting dressed into their PE kits.

In the session we played games where not only did we have to ‘ride’ our bikes in different ways but also had to make sure we were paying attention to the traffic lights and stop when shown the red light. We also tried moving in different ways for a game at the end, galloping and hopping proved a little tricky for some of us, but we will keep trying!


Christmas came early as we were busy designing and making Christmas cards. We thought carefully about what colours we wanted our stockings to be and stuck lots of different materials on to make them look beautiful!


We also created many poppies for a remembrance display for the whole school. We had a wonderful time adding shaving foam, barley and sand to paint the poppies with different textures. We found circular objects to stamp the centre of the poppy.


Friday 5th October 2018


This week the Cherries have been showing Mrs Gallimore how amazing they are at counting and matching. They counted resources in the classroom and showed us the number cards that matched the amount. What super mathematicians!


We have been carrying on with our topic, Mythical Creatures and have begun to answer some of the questions the children posed. Thank you to the families that have helped their child to research and investigate these questions. Apparently dragons breathe fire to help them catch their prey. This led to an interesting discussion about predators, survival and the difference between a herbivore and a carnivore!


The children have been showing Mrs Anderson what a lovely, friendly group of children they are. Poor Mrs Anderson had a moment where she did not want to share the toys with the other adults. The Cherries were extremely helpful, telling her how she should behave, following the school rules, and what she could do in order to both share the toys and be happy!



Friday 28th September 2018


This week the Cherries decided what it was they wanted to learn at school. After we had discussed all the big things like learning to read, write and learn all about numbers we talked about other things we wanted to know about. We had lots of ideas including ‘Space’, ‘Growing’ and ‘Aeroplanes’ but when we voted most children wanted to learn about ‘Mythical Creatures’. We have found a few books in the library with stories that include mythical creatures, the dragon stories have proved very popular.


Mrs Anderson and many of the Cherries have spent a few afternoons making mythical creature collages to display in the classroom, as you can see from the pictures it was a very serious business!


As the sun continues to shine, the children have been making the most of it and the learning garden has been very busy. Some of the children have been trying to beat the battle of the falling leaves as autumn approaches, what a sterling effort by all!


What a fun week!

Friday 21th September 2018


This week has been all about exercise! Mrs Gallimore taught us some handwriting exercises that she said will help us to work the muscles in our hands and arms to help us get ready for writing. Most are easy but we are finding @walk and flip’ a bit more difficult as we have to use our finger tips to make the pencil move up the pencil. Mrs Gallimore has set us a challenge and some of us are practising at home to show her how we are improving every day with practise.


We have also been doing some action songs, our favourite is ‘Jelly on a plate’ which comes with a video of a lady dancing that we have to follow! Mrs Anderson and Mrs Gallimore keep getting it wrong but the rest of the Cherries are good at it!


We have continued with our listening games and are getting even better!


Mrs Gallimore says that we are ‘terrific tidiers’ as we try hard every day to tidy the classroom and garden in just 5 minutes!

Friday 14th September 2018


Oh my goodness what an exciting first week of school! This week in Cherries we have been getting to know each other, we have had a wonderful time learning about each other and making new friends.


We have been learning the rules of the school and safety rules in the learning garden. We have also been showing Mrs Gallimore and Mrs Anderson how good we are at tidying away too; we can tidy the whole classroom in just 5 minutes! Wow!


It was a little bit “scary” and “exciting” going into the hall to have lunch for the very first time. Mrs Gallimore told us that she was incredibly proud that we lined up beautifully, found our cutlery, were very polite to the ladies serving our food and then after carefully choosing our pudding sat and ate with very little support!


We have also been learning to listen really well, Lola the listening leopard is helping us by playing listening games with us, and every day in Phonics we are improving our listening skills with games and songs.

Friday 7th September 2018


Welcome to all of the Cherries!


Mrs Gallimore and Mrs Anderson have been very excited to visit the Cherries children, parents and grandparents this week. We have had a wonderful week learning all about you and have especially enjoyed sharing your “All About Me” books, meeting your families and even some of your pets.


On Thursday we really enjoyed the fantastic songs and rhymes sessions, I am practising the new verses to “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” and “Hickory Dickory Dock” that the children and mummies taught me!


We cannot wait to see everyone again on Monday to start our thrilling learning journey together!