Orchard Infant School

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If your child is due to start school in September 2022, Please see our Admissions page to find out when our school tours are and to book your place.

Core Values

As a school community, we believe the ethos of the school should be built on a foundation of core values. The staff and Governors have agreed the following five core values:

Fairness  'Children play nicely at playtimes and include me'

We endeavour to treat everyone in a fair and consistent way. We respect the rights of the individual and believe everyone is entitled to equality of opportunity


Responsibility  'I tidy up when I have finished'

We encourage everyone to be responsible for themselves and to one another.We can relied upon to respect people and not let them down. We will take our responsibility seriously and be committed to thoughtfully seeing things through,


Understanding  'We look at peoples faces to see their feelings'

We try to understand and appreciate the different feelings, thoughts and actions that people bring to our school. We show empathy, kindness and sensitivity in our support and respect for one another. We are polite, courteous and thoughtful in our relationships.


Involvement  'We take part in clubs and singing'

We encourage participation and involvement in the life and work of our school. We are committed to working together and believe everyone has an important part to play. We believe being actively involved promotes respect, success for all and a sense of belonging.


Trust  'Doing as someone asks and doing it quickly'

We strive to build trust in our relationships and encourage openness, respect and loyalty. We will act responsibly and with integrity, knowing that we depend on one another.


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