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We still have places available for children starting school in Year R in September. Please go to our “Admissions” page under our “Key Info” tab to make a “late” application.

FAQ's about starting school at Orchard Infant School

Orchard Infant School Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Do we have any influence over which class my child is in and the friends that are with them?

You will be given the opportunity to provide the school with the name of two friends for your child. This, along with detailed transition information provided by your child’s current setting will be used to place children into classes. Organising the classes is the most important job, and we do have to take into account boy/girl ratios, additional needs, term of birth and friendships, however, we endeavour to ensure your child has friendships in their class.

Do you have a breakfast club and how do I sign my child up?

Yes, Orchard Infant School has a breakfast club called “Early Bird Club”. You may only sign your child up once they are attending school full time and have settled in well.  We would always recommend that you speak with your class teacher about Early Bird Club, as we will always ensure that a child can come into the classroom environment successfully before bringing in additional changes to routine.  Once you have had this discussion and the teacher is happy that your child is ready to attend Early Bird Club, you will need to contact the Early Bird Club Leader via the school office.  You will then be able to complete our online Early Bird Booking form which can be found on the Early Bird Club page on our website

When will we find out my child’s class and teacher?

You will find out which class, and who your child’s teacher will be on Monday 4th July 2022. There will be an email sent with details of what to do and where to go for the ‘Meet the Teacher’ session on Friday 8th July.

I am worried that my child has additional needs. Who do I talk to?

If you have concerns, please call the school and book an appointment with the Early Years Leader, who can meet with you and go through any worries you have and put things into place if necessary.

What do I do if my child has allergies?

If your child has allergies, you will have identified this on your registration forms at the start of the transition process. Our school admin team will be in contact with you, and ask you to complete an Education Health Care Plan which provides us with detailed information about the condition and the course of action we need to take. If we require further information, you may be invited in to talk with the Early Years Leader, SENDCO or Head Teacher.

My child is a fussy eater, what do we do about lunchtimes?

We understand that some children can be fussy at lunchtimes. It is very usual that children are more open to trying new foods when they are around their peers. We will however, monitor what your child is eating and if there are particular foods they will not touch, the class teacher will liaise with you.

My child has food allergies, what do I do?

If your child has food allergies that are medically diagnosed, you can request a special diet menu from our caterers HC3s.  Please go to the School Dinners page on our website, where if you scroll down you will find a link to register your child’s special diet with our caterers HC3s so they can be provided with an individually tailored menu to cater for their specific requirements.

What is the process on drinks throughout the day?

Children must bring a named water bottle to school with them each day and are encouraged to drink water frequently at key points throughout the day. Water bottles must only contain water. We do not allow flavoured water or squash. Children can access their water bottle at any point throughout the school day, in addition to water provided with their lunch and daily milk up until their 5th birthday.

Do I need to pay for school lunches for my child?

No. All Infant aged children are entitled to a free school lunch which you do not pay for under the Government's Universal Infant Free School Meals scheme.

I am unable to make the stay and play sessions, can another adult take my place?

We understand and appreciate that people have commitments, and therefore are happy to welcome another adult in your place if you are unable to attend the stay and play sessions. We do encourage you to try and get your child to these where possible, as it gives them the opportunity to begin to familiarise themselves with the setting and staff.

Do we have to stay at school for the stay and play sessions with my child?

The answer to this is yes, although, you will not be in the play sessions with your child; instead you will be allocated a workshop to ascertain key information about your child’s entry into school. These sessions will be held with a key member of our school team.

My child won’t know anyone starting school, and I am worried.

If your child is coming to school not knowing anyone, please be rest assured, they wont be the only one. Our main focus is that every child settles and feels safe at school, and our staff are highly skilled in getting to know children on their visits, and will pay particular attention to friendships they may form or strong relationships the build with key members of the team.