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Week 4 Grapes blog.

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What's happened in week 2 of our Growing Mad project?

The Grapes class are Growing Mad! Read week 1 of our weekly blog to find out more.

Is DP the place to be?

Welcome to the Grapes!


This page will help explain some of the awesome learning taking place in our class!

Look at what the gorgeous Grapes got up to on World Book Day. Just like Little Red Riding Hood we went into the woods and role played story characters. What do you think about the Wolf? Was he a good or bad character? Why?

The Grapes are Wizzy scientists. Can you remembe some of our experiments?

This week in maths we have been using number lines to practise our adding by counting on.

We finished our Bedtime Stories project by transforming our classroom for Twilight Feast with the fruit kebabs and lanterns we made!

We have been counting objects this week to show addition and subtraction by drawing a bar model.

We shared our stories with our year group today! We had blankets and cushions to make ourselves comfortable and listened carefully to other people while they read to us.

WOW! Look at our story books! We wrote the beginning, middle and end of our stories and added illustrations based on artwork by Jan Pienowski.

WOW! Look at our amazing at work! We have made art work based on Jan Pienowski. We looked at his work and made our own shadows of trees. We used pastels and pencils to add colour to our work. Look for our art work in our story books at the Twilight Feast! An artist has never finished...

We have been learning about the values of money this week and using coins to buy items from our shop.

We have been exploring why people wear poppies on Remembrance Day. We worked with all the children in Orchard Infant School to make a poppy display.

Welcome to the Grapes Class