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Please note that Orchard Infant School is open as usual on Monday 4th July, it is only Orchard Junior School who have an inset day.


Welcome to the Grapes!


This page will help explain some of the awesome learning taking place in our class!

Sports Day Superstars!

Wow! What a super day we all had on Friday! The Grapes have been working so hard to prepare for their Sports Day and absolutely LOVED taking part in front of their parents (they particularly enjoyed the teacher and parent races, too). 

Amazing Artists in the making

We have decided to create a jungle backdrop for our poetry slam full of over 50 different types of green. We have been busy learning about the primary colours and secondary colours - particularly how to make GREEN!


We have learnt about how to create tints of green, shades of green and tones of green and have been using these skills to begin painting our jungle leaves.

We have transformed into musicians!

This week the children have been working in jungle animal teams to compose some music which will become the sound track for our poems that we perform. We have reminded ourselves about fast and slow tempo and thought about whether our music will be fast, slow, loud or quiet. We have worked hard to make sure our music has a steady beat (pulse) and have even tried to use a fun rhythm in our music. We have been working so hard to record this all using notation.




Jazzy Jungles

HOOK - The children came back from half term to a bit of a surprise! They had to enter (if they dared) through a tunnel into a jungle filled with vines, leaves and animals. Suddenly, Mrs Webb appeared playing the bongos reciting some of the 'rumble in the jungle' poem. As she left the classroom she threw a poem cut into pieces for us to read and invited us to a poetry slam in 4 weeks time. The children were so excited to read the poem and couldn't wait to begin researching jungle animals.


They each chose a jungle animal, from sloths to jaguars to crocodiles and have been learning two different styles of poems which they will be writing.




A beautiful way to end our project!

Today marked the end of our wonderful project "Seeds, leaves and buzzy bees" and we have been on such an exciting learning journey. We have been watching our baby caterpillars grow and transform into butterflies and today we released them into the big wide world ready to start their important job of pollinating plants!

What a journey... we have worked interdependently to create four attractive and appealing salads to serve our VIP guests at our picnic, using some of the food that we have been growing ourselves in our school garden!


Don't they look irresistible? 

It is nearly time... our vegetables have been growing and we have learnt the skill of chopping evenly. We have received our questionnaire's back and are now preparing for our outcome- to design and make an appealing salad ready to serve our VIP guests at our picnic!

We have been designing and making salads for Mrs West and Miss Sidney. We are learning the skill of chopping evenly and have conducted our own investigation to see which tools are best for cutting our salad.

Baby caterpillars have arrived... we can't wait to watch them grow and transform!

We have been busy bees in the Grapes class!

We have been SUPER busy weeding and cleaning up the garden. After learning about what plants need to grow and survive, the children decided they were ready to begin planting their beautiful flowers and plants. We have planted lettuce, strawberries, spinach, beans, sunflowers, petunias and courgettes. We can't wait to help them grow.

HOOK - Seeds, leaves and buzzy bees

We were having a walk around outside in the garden area when Mrs West appeared. She told us how upset she was about the state of the garden as it was full of weeds and looked very messy. Mrs West set us a challenge to tidy the garden and to make it look bright and inviting again. The children were very excited and accepted the challenge immediately. We decided that we could make it our new project and could spend some time learning about plants and how they grow before planting some ourselves. We all had a really good look around the garden area and the children came up with some ideas to make it look 'awesome'. The children then planted a sunflower seed each to take home and look after over the Easter holidays. Once the sunflowers are big enough, we will plant them in the garden!

Our rovers are complete

Wow, what a journey we have been on. We are so proud of our final rovers and can't wait to show them off at our "Roaming Rovers Reveal" this week. We have tested and evaluated our rovers one last time and are so pleased that they have passed our class checklist! 

Time to work on building the body of our rovers!

We created a class checklist for our rovers and now it is time to return to our original technical plans and begin making the body of our rovers. We explored with different joining techniques and then worked hard to add a camera, satellite dish and an arm to collect samples from the planets. We used PVA glue, velcro and tape and had to use the "iterative process" again to make sure everything was stuck down securely.

Attaching our wheels and axles to our chassis

The Grapes have been so busy this week working on the next step of their rovers. This has been a tricky step and the children have been SO resilient and have enjoyed helping each other. Well done Grapes!

Time to start making our wheels and axles!

After learning about how to score the dowel, break it in half, sandpaper it and attach wheels and washers- it is now our turn to have a go at making them. We are using the "iterative process" to evaluate as we go and fix any problems straight away!

Roaming Rovers is officially launched! 1st March 2022

Wow, what an exciting start to the new half term! We received a message to say that there has been an exciting discovery and it is on the news. After watching the news clip, the children have personally been set on a mission by NASA to design and make a rover prototype to help NASA explore a new planet! The children have been very busy this week researching rovers, pulling apart vehicles and exploring how they work. The children have learnt lots of new vocabulary and are very busy designing their own rovers for NASA! 

Community Weeks - DP's Got Talent

(7.2.22 - 17.2.22)


WOW! Our community week has officially launched as the children explore and discover what one of our CORE values "Community" means. Over the next 9 days the children will spend time with talented members of our wider community and will have the opportunity to learn from them. From dancers to singers, artists to musicians and real authors- the children really are in for a treat. At the end of our 9 days, the children will put on an exciting talent show, to showcase the new skills they have learnt from members of the community. 

Community Week Outcome- Our Talent Show 

During our community weeks we chose a talent that we learnt from our special visitors from the community and practised it to perfection ready to perform to our guests. The talent show was an absolute BLAST and everyone loved it!

Have a look below to see photographs of our talent show and all of the visitors we welcomed during our community week!

Talent: Martial Arts by Sensei Dave from New Forest Martial Arts

Today the children were visited by three martial arts experts within our community. Interestingly, two of the experts actually came to Orchard Infant School when they were younger!   The children learnt a little about the history of Martial Arts and then had a go at safely practising some self-defence blocking movements. 

Talent: Marble art by Amy Smith (local artist)

The children were visited by a successful local artist who uses paint to create marbling within her artwork. They then had a go at developing this talent by creating their own marble art with paint. The children were so proud of their final art peices!


Talent: Hula hooping and plate spinning by Mrs Cowin

The children were left inspired after watching a performance by a local hula hoop pro and were very active when spending some time practising and learning how to hula hoop and plate spin.

Talent: Guitar playing by Jim Lambert

Today the children had an exciting visit from one of our very talented school governors. The children were in absolute awe and were left completely inspired. Some children decided then and there that they would like to learn how to play the guitar just like Mr Lambert.  The children then all had a go at playing the guitar which they absolutely loved!

Talent: Pottery and sculpture by Deb Wakefield (local sculpture artist)

The children loved learning how to transform a ball of clay into a wonderful work of art and were very inspired by our local sculpture artist, Deb. Deb was able to show us how she creates and decorates her own cups and mugs. We then became artists ourselves and used different tools to add texture to our own sculptures.

Talent: Crochet and finger knitting by Mrs Taylor (Headteacher of Orchard Junior School)

Today the children were inspired by Mrs Taylor’s talents and had a go at perfecting their own skills with crochet and finger knitting. It was wonderful to see that Mrs Taylor had chosen some Year 4 children to help her, they really did become additional teachers and the children in the Grapes class loved meeting other children from the Junior school.

Talent: Card-making crafts by Anna Poole, local DP resident.

Today the children experienced how to design and make cards for all occasions using a variety of skills and techniques. They then had a go at creating their own “thank you” cards to send to our visitors next week.

Talent: Creative Illustrations by Simon Chadwick (Local author and illustrator)

Today the children had a special visit from Simon Chadwick, a local author and illustrator who has written and illustrated many popular books, including The Rubbish Monster Thing. Simon demonstrated how he creates his cartoon illustrations and then the children had a go at perfecting this talent.

Talent: Pop Art by Mrs Kowalczyk (local artist)

Today the children were inspired by a local artist and saw how colourful strips of paper can transform into wonderful works of Art. We then learnt about POP art and the artist  Romero Britto. The children then had a go and created outstanding works of art.

Talent: Magic tricks by Mrs Williams

Today the children learnt first-hand how to perform a magic trick using a deck of cards. They then practised this talent independently. 

Our Festival of Wolves Outcome!

We have had another great week in the Grapes class and spent the first few days of the week finishing off our stories and sketches ready for our 'Festival of wolves'. It was lovely to see so many parents at the outcome and to see the children becoming the teachers and teaching their grown ups all about our project. The children read the stories to their parents with confidence and taught them how to sketch a wolf. Well done gown ups - there were some fantastic sketches!

The Grapes are future authors in the making...

We have been incredibly resilient and have written our own alternative story endings for Little Red Riding Hood. They are so funny, some involving trips to the dentist and some including yummy cheesy pizza and a big party! We are so proud of our stories and our hard work, we just have to share them with our friends!

Did you know that we are artists?

We have been working really hard to learn some very specific sketching techniques and are learning how to apply these techniques to sketch a wolf!

Is Mr Wolf Good or Bad?

This week in our English we interviewed and hot-seated Mr Wolf. Is he really bad like in some of the stories? Or is he a lonely, kind, misunderstood and not bad at all? We had a split decision, with half of the Grapes deciding he is untrustworthy and a very bad wolf who gobbles up Grannies and the other half suggesting that he is lonely and just wants a friend. We thought of lots of adjectives and verbs to describe both good and bad Mr Wolf ready to create our own versions of the story.


What do you think?

Is Mr Wolf good or bad?

Happy New Year, Happy New Project!

The children arrived back at school to discover mysterious objects in our woods. A big red cape, a basket of food, flowers, fur - who could this be? They find a hidden camera and bring this important evidence into the classroom. Who was captured on camera? Two big eyes, two big fluffy ears and some very sharp teeth? It was the Big Bad Wolf! This half term our project is based around the story of Little Red Riding Hood. So far we have discovered some of the story props in the woods, read different versions of the story, acted it out, learnt to sketch, moved like wolves and produced our own text and images on Purple Mash. And it's only week 3! Enjoy scrolling through our photos to see some of our learning.

Our PowerPoint Outcome - Is DP the place to be?

We have been working so hard as Geographers over the past five weeks to find out as much as we can about DP and comparing where we live to a little village called Portree in the Isle of Skye, Scotland. In computing, we have explored how to use PowerPoint and have worked interdependently to create a presentation all about DP to persuade the Hughes family to move here. We hope you enjoy our slideshow (parents, if you want to see the full video of the children presenting this, please head over to Google Classroom).

Is DP the place to be PowerPoint OUTCOME 2021.mp4

Still image for this video

Our virtual coach tour

Tickets printed, seatbelts checked, the children were sat waiting patently on Orchard coaches ready for a virtual coach tour through the UK. First stop, our capital city- London. We were amazed by how beautiful it was! We continued to travel North but had a road closure, so had to travel West and make a stop in Wales. Did you know Wales is full of castles? One of the most famous castles is in the capital city of Wales; it is called Cardiff Castle. We travelled North and decided to cross the Irish sea to visit Northern Ireland. We were fascinated to see the Giants Causeway and hear the ancient legends about how it was built. Finally, after a rocky ferry ride back to mainland we continued our journey to Scotland. WOW what an adventure.

The Hughes family sent us on a letter hunt!

On Friday afternoon after an exciting celebration assembly, we spotted a letter on the carpet. It was from the Hughes family! They sent us around the school grounds, following clues and looking at a map of our school until we finally found the treasure box. Inside was our next mission of the project, to embark on a coach tour from DP to Skye to see what other countries are in the UK. We then had a go at plotting our letter hunt on the map- it was fantastic!

Grapes walk into DP

We have had such a busy week learning about where we live and what human and physical features are in Dibden Purlieu. However, we decided the best way to learn about Dibden Purlieu is to do our own fieldwork. We put on our wellies, grabbed our clipboards and embarked on a long (slightly soggy) walk exploring Dibden Purlieu. We saw lots of shops, looked at different road names and waved at local pedestrians, before having a play in our play park. We had so much to report back to the Hughes family. On top of all of this, we were lucky enough to see a rainbow and spoke all about why they appear.

Is DP (Dibden Purlieu) the place to be?

WOW what an exciting Monday. We were busy learning when suddenly an urgent email appeared on the screen. It was an email from the Hughes family. They needed our help to decide whether they should move to DP or not. They know nothing about the area as they live in the Isle of Skye in Scotland. The children were so excited and accepted their mission: to find out as much as they can about our local area and report back to the Hughes family to persuade them to move here! Together, we immediately began our research using Google Earth, Street View, atlases and maps. Our new exciting mission has begun... as geographers!


Castle Day!

After four weeks of researching, investigating and finding out about life in the past the time has finally come. Our Castle Day outcome. We had all written invitations to Lord and Lady Orchard and were very pleased when they attended our banquet. We told them all about life in the past and reminded them by inviting them to enjoy some  medieval dancing, writing with a quill and feather, eating some food from the past and taking part in some medieval jousting tournaments. We even re-created a castle using giant soft Lego to show them the keep, bailey, arrowloops and the battlements. 

The children all came dressed as their favourite castle dwellers- what a super ending to a super project.


We had a visit from a medieval mason


This week we had a shocking visit from a medieval mason. He told us that his castle is falling apart and the door is broken. He explained that without the door working, we will not be able to invite Lord and Lady Orchard to our banquet "outcome" next week. The children set off on their mission to design a mock up of a castle door, exploring hinges, pulleys and sliders to join the castle door onto the castle wall. We were all very pleased with our final mock ups and had to be resilient, using the iterative process.

Our trip to Portchester Castle

WOW! We had the best time visiting a real life castle. We visited the keep, saw a moat and walked quietly through the church. We spotted battlements, arrowloops and had fun role playing in the bailey. Some of us climbed really high in the keep and walked back down the spiral staircase! We even told the guide, Tom, some interesting facts. He couldn't believe how much we knew. Now we are even closer to being able to tell Lord and Lady Orchard about life in the past at our outcome.


We are historians in the making.

This week we have been researching, role playing and finding out about life in the past. We are learning to think like a historian and have learnt so much. Did you know that arrowloops are tiny narrow holes where Archers would shoot arrows out of? 

Lord and Lady Orchard visit Year 1.

Today we had a blast from the past. Lord and Lady Orchard visited the Year 1 children looking very confused and terribly home-sick. They have travelled in time and are looking for their beloved castle. They have forgotten all about their past life in a castle and need the children's help. Can they find out about life in the past and throw a banquet to help them remember again? The children are excited to start their mission as little historians... we are on a castle quest!

A beautiful project memory

To help us remember our amazing project, we used clay to make a "Wild Thing" footprint, applying some skills that we learnt when we were in Reception. We used printing and tools to add texture to our clay footprint. Now we will always remember the story of "Where the Wild Things Are".

What a week the Grapes have had!

We have been been busy composing music and learning the story "Where the Wild Things Are" through our Talk for Writing. We proudly put on our "Wild Thing" masks and created our very own Wild Rumpus for our performance. The other children in Year 1 absolutely LOVED it. If you would like to see our performance video, please have a look at Google Classroom.

Thank you to all of our wonderful parents for getting involved and making some amazing masks with your children.

What a surprise we had on Monday morning!

The classroom was a MESS and there were giant footprints everywhere. The Grapes set out to discover the clues around the classroom to find out who was responsible. It turned out it was the WILD THINGS from the story "Where the Wild Things Are". In PSHE we shared our feelings and agreed that is was okay that some children were cross and some children were excited or worried. This week, the children have been very busy thinking up some golden rules for the Wild Things to follow.

Gorgeous Grapes 2021

WOW! What an amazing start to the school year we have had. The children have settled into school so quickly and have had lots of fun exploring our classroom, playing in our role play area and sneaking outside into the woods. Gorgeous Grapes 2021- I can't wait to be a part of your learning journey this year and I am really excited to share lots of exciting adventures together!


Mums and Dads- It was so lovely to see so many of you in our "Meet the Teacher" session this week. If you were unable to attend this, we have uploaded the PowerPoint presentation below for you, along with our letter.

This week the Gorgeous Grapes really have been busy bees! We have been pulling out weeds (and admiring their long roots), cleaning the greenhouse and all of the flower beds ready to start sowing our seeds at the end of the week. We can't wait to start growing our own plants and building our beautiful garden!

We have become scientists and have been learning about the names of lots of different plants. We have learnt about what they need to grow and survive! We have even spotted some in our very own school grounds.

Wow what a buzzing start to the Summer term!

The Gorgeous Grapes went outside for our snack and were greeted by our new headteacher Mrs West. She has set us on a top secret special mission to revamp the garden area in our school grounds to make it a beautiful and vibrant area again full of life! We accepted the mission of course and started our work straight away!


The Grapes have had the best time today reading and talking about our favourite books.

We worked in teams and created our very own puppet show! It was so exciting!


Roaming Rovers Home Learning sheet

A mysterious delivery...

Last week we discovered a mysterious giftbox that had been left outside our classroom! Hidden inside was a cheeky little Elf called Ezra. He has been sent here on a secret mission to find out about the first Christmas. After thinking really carefully about how we can show Ezra what we know, we have decided to invite him to watch our Christmas show! We can't wait to film it so you can all see too!

Grapes trip into Dibden Purlieu

 Wellies on, coats zipped up and we were ready to explore! Wow the Grapes class had such an amazing trip into DP, looking for lots of beautiful physical features and spotting important human features. We even ended up in the Dibden Inclosure and had a great time exploring- we made some super dens and loved looking at the Autumn leaves! We have been so busy finding out about our local area for the Hughes' family and can't wait to show them our incredible slideshow!

At Orchard Infant School we will be remembering all those who fought for their country, those who died and those who came home.


As a school community we all have a connection to someone who has given their lives to ensure we can live in peace and happiness. 


For this reason we will be celebrating Remembrance Day at 11am on the 11/11/20 where a 2 minutes silence will be respected for the fallen.


Our children will learn the importance of Remembrance Day and will create a poppy display in our school hall in honour of all service men and women past and present. 


Lest we forget. 

Our Castle Day!

WOW! What a day! The children arrived at "Grape Castle" and were greeted by Lady Curnow and Lady Bezer. We had such a magical day experiencing life as a castle dweller! We had a great time playing some jousting games, doing some medieval dancing, writing on parchment paper and enjoying a royal banquet!

Castle dwellers role-play in the woods!


The Grapes have had such a great time pretending to be knights, archers, lords, ladies and jesters in the woods this week!

The Grapes have transformed into HISTORIANS!


We have been busy busy busy this week using books and the internet to research and find out all about castles and castle life in the past. Did you know that the moat protects the people inside the castles from dangerous invaders? Did you know that TV's had not been invented so jesters and minstrels entertained everyone? 

Castle Quest... we had some special visitors.

Wow...what an exciting start to the week. We had some very strange looking visitors on Monday! They looked very confused and kept asking us where their castle had gone. We found out that they are Lord and Lady Orchard from the past! They gave us an important mission to find out about the past to help them remember what life was like.



Wow... the Grapes put on such an amazing performance, showing off their talk for writing and incredible musical compositions - we even had our very own class conductor!

What a fantastic day!

We have gone "Music Mad"


The Gorgeous Grapes have had such a busy week exploring different musical instruments, pitch and tempo to compose some exciting music to accompany the story "Where The Wild Things Are". We are rehearsing for our WILD RUMPUS performance and we're SO SO excited!

Fun in the woods


We have had a great week searching for adjectives in the woods to describe the character "Max" and those cheeky WILD THINGS!

Express Yourself HOOK!


Wow! The Grapes came into school and were absolutely shocked because we had some very naughty visitors overnight! We were feeling very cross and angry because we had to clean up all of the mess. We investigated the area and came to the conclusion that is was indeed THE WILD THINGS!