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Welcome to the Mangoes!


This page will help explain some of the awesome learning taking place in our class!

As well as becoming Awesome Authors, we are also making puppets of our favourite toy to go with our amazing books. We love Design and Technology in the Mangoes class.

"Should Emily Brown hand over Stanley?" That was the question for our class debate. We thought of valid arguments 'for' and 'against' and presented our ideas to the whole class... we even stood on a podium!

Wow we had an amazing week. It all began with an exciting visit from Miss Sidney. She needs new books for the Pippins and she has challenged us to create them...she also wants us to create a puppet to go with the story. We decided we would base our stories on the adventures we might go on with our favourite toy... watch this space for the final product!

We did some sketching and learnt how to make different shades with one pencil. We sketched our local historical people. Can you guess who's who?

Mrs Johnn delivered some interesting pictures to our classroom on Monday. We found out that they are connected to significant historical people. Using our Investigating skills we found out these people have a connection to our local area. This week we are going to become Historians and learn all about these amazing people who had an impact on the world!

We presented our New Zealand tour guides to Mrs Johnn. She was super impressed with all of the geographical knowledge we provided in our books. Her favourite destination is the Bay of Plenty because she loves warm, sandy beaches and eating lots of ice cream.

Look at our awesome home learning!

Did you know that New Zealand has volcanoes? Today we all went outside and erupted a volcano Sophia from Strawberries Class had created for home learning. It was so exciting!

We had such an awesome day at Lepe Country Park. We are becoming expert geographers! We looked at the different geographical features of Lepe and detected the difference between human and physical features. We created some amazing sketches and went on a treasure hunt too. Check out our pictures...

We are learning about Mount Ruapehu in New Zealand. Did you know it is one of the most active volcanoes in the world? We thought we would become magnificent artists and create collages of Mount Ruapehu erupting!

What a fantastic morning we have had in Year 2. Mrs Johnn has won a golden ticket to go on holiday to New Zealand at Christmas. The only problem is she doesn't know where to visit or what to do. She has set us a challenge to create a tour guide of exciting destinations for her to visit. We are going to become expert geographers!

What an incredible first day back at school we have had. It was super duper seeing all our friends again and we have loved getting to know our new teacher. We decided to have some relaxing time in the Library, reading is awesome, in the words of Dr Seuss: The more that you read the more things you will know. The more that you learn the more places you'll go.