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Welcome to the Mangoes!


This page will help explain some of the awesome learning taking place in our class!

It was such a lovely sunny day today we decided to continue with or longitudinal tree study.

We are making an activity trail for the Year 1s. We decided to trial lots of different activities. They really made our heart beat faster.

WOW! We are super proud of our tennis team. They competed in the infant school tennis tournament and did the school proud. The rain was never going to stop them! They represented the school with immense pride and vigor. Not only did they behave like true sportsman but they were resilient in any defeats and graceful in their triumphs. Orchard Infant School at it's finest, polite, well behaved and kind children. We couldn't be prouder of them.

We had a visit this week from Jimmy the puppet. He thinks he might be unhealthy because he bought a McDonald's for lunch. He has asked the children to help him find out. We are going to investigate different food groups as part of our Healthy Body Healthy Mind project.

It's official! The Mangoes have become wildlife experts. We had an awesome morning with the year 3s showing them our wildlife science fair. We know so many scientific facts about animal classification, habitats and basic needs.

We had a visit from Raptor Exotics today, it was AMAZING! We met and touched so many different animals and learnt 100s of new scientific facts. Here are some pictures of the animals that visited us...

Today we visited the New Forest Wildlife Park. We are quickly becoming animal experts. We learnt some great scientific terms! Have you ever heard of the terms: nocturnal, diurnal and crepuscular? We have and we are going to learn more!

Today we received a mystery package and a 'What am I' riddle from a set of animal experts. We used our scientific thinking to solve the clues of the riddle, discovering a badger inside the package! We are all now determined to become animal experts in our new project: The Hidden Creatures of the New Forest.

We have been sketching, did you know you can get different colours and shades using the same pencil. We have created sketches of Molly Brown and Grace Darling. Two historical heroes!

It was so interesting finding out about Molly Brown and Grace Darling's lives. We created a timeline to find out how far back in history each of these brave women came from.

We have been learning about the people who might have been to blame for the sinking of the Titanic. We had a debate to find out our different views.

A newspaper article was found where Vicar Bob from Meriden was pleading for help to convince his parishioners to go on a free cruise. However, the people of Meriden were too frightened because of what they knew about what happened to the Titanic. Of course, the children DEFINITELY wanted to help Vicar Bob!

World Book Day was awesome! Look at the great effort from the Mangoes...

We have been learning about organic waste this week and decided to learn about compost bins. We have been investigating the waste our school uses that could be composted. Today was the day we built our compost bin. It was awesome emptying our wormery into it. Our worms have lots of tasty things to feast on now.

We know worms help decompose organic waste, but we're not sure how. Today we are using our investigating skills to create a worm fact sheet.

What does the school kitchen do with all the food waste? This is the question the Mangoes are going to investigate. We began by brainstorming all the organic waste the school produces each day. We soon realised we could use a compost to dispose of much of this rubbish. Someone even said worms help a compost decompose, we decided to set up a Wormery to observe if this is true.

We had a special assembly today about recycling. We found out that rubbish and waste is polluting our oceans and air! Mrs Gallimore has set us a challenge to become scientists and investigate waste and recycling. We will present our findings on Friday.

It's official! The Mangoes have become Awesome Authors. We are so proud of the incredible books we have created. We have written a story, illustrated our books and created a puppet of our main character. We think the Pears class thoroughly enjoyed our stories. Take a look at the pictures, it's amazing to share our books with other children. The Mangoes are now aspiring writers!

We have been writing the dilemma for our stories. We are working hard editing our work so it looks beautiful in our story books. Children take it in turns to be our Sentence Doctor each day. The Sentence Doctor today is helping us with our grammar and punctuation.

It has been so fun becoming Awesome Authors, our books are almost finished. Not only that, we have become Awesome Puppet Makers too, with some help from our amazing Parents and Grandparents. We also decided to create an adventure scene from our Emily Brown book and a story hill showing the journey of our class book. See the cool pictures below!

The super speedy Mangoes running the Golden Mile. We love to keep fit and healthy spending time in the fresh air. We find it really, really fun!

"The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go" -Dr Seuss. We absolutely LOVE reading in the Mangoes!

We noticed that in audio story books they add music to create suspense and drama. We created our own graphic score to add music to the crime scene in our class book. We made a lot of noise, we might have to apologise to our neighbours The Strawberries!

Should Emily Brown give Stanley to Queen Gloriana??? We had a class debate with lots of different arguments and ideas!

We had such an amazing first week back at school! Miss Sidney has asked us all to create our own adventure story books to read to Year R. We are going to become Awesome Authors!!

Wow!! How amazing was our Christmas production? The whole of year 2 did a superb job!! Everyone is super proud of them! What a fantastic final week of school we are all having. Merry Christmas!

We used our thinking skills to solve the mystery of the stolen Christmas pudding. It had fallen down the well!! We decided to make our own wells with a winding mechanism to pull the bucket up and down. We love learning about engineering and technology!

We have been learning about journeys and how people feel at different stages of a journey. Interestingly, Mary and Joseph went on a long journey and experienced different feeling at the beginning, middle and end of their journey. We are going to tell the Nativity story in a fun way for our school production. We hope you enjoy it!

Wow! What an amazing week we have had learning about the famous people linked to our local area! Did you know the comedian Tommy Cooper lived in Blackfield? Interestingly, Florence Nightingale lived in Romsey. These are just some of the awesome facts we found out about some of our famous people. Check out the amazing pictures of our presentations!

When we arrived in class on Monday morning we found 6 pictures on the wall. We have found out that they are all famous people with a connection to our local area, but we do not know much more about them. Mr Bowie has set us a challenge to find out who's who? We have been researching the famous people and have already found out some interesting facts. We will present all our findings to the rest of year 2 on Friday.....watch this space for some interesting facts!

We have finished our New Zealand books! Mr Bowie was so excited to read them all. He said we have created some spectacular art work and superb writing about each area of New Zealand. He loved reading about all the geographical fearures and is deciding which destination he would like to visit!

Wow! Just look at our amazing school display for Remembrance Day. The Mangoes have been learning all about the importance of Remembrance day and why we should pay respect to all those people who gave their lives for us. We had a special assembly with Mrs Kowalczyk and we had a 2 minute silence today to pay our respects. We have even written our own poems to help us remember them.

We have been learning all about the Maori People and their culture. Interestingly, they have tattoos on their faces which provides information about that person. Did you know they were the very first inhabitants of New Zealand, the special word for this is the aboriginal people!

Lots of the Mangoes were very busy during the half term break creating some amazing volcanoes and other creations linked to New Zealand. Super effort !!

We have been working really hard at home too and we have made some awesome volcano models and pictures!

Mr Bowie still isn't sure where to visit in New Zealand. We have been reading interesting fact sheets about Rotorua to help him decide if he would like to visit this location. Interestingly, they have mud pools that bubble like boiling water, some people even bathe in them!!

Did you know that there is an active volcano in New Zealand? We have been using collage to create images of Mount Ruapehu.

Mr Bowie has won a Golden Ticket to New Zealand but doesn't know where to visit or what he might see while he is there. We have all decided to help him by exploring the geographical features of the country and by comparing them to our country. Today we started to develop our field work skills during a trip to Lepe Country Park!

We had a class debate about Fawley Refinery, we debated if the Refinery was good or bad for our local area. We came up with some good arguments for both teams!

Our Galactic Guest mentioned his spaceship brushed against some tall green things before crash landing. We quickly realised that it must have been trees and dashed outside to identify the different trees in our school grounds. Here are some paintings of leaves from the trees we found and named

Our Galactic Guest set us a challenge this week to design something that would slow him down if he were to crash on Earth again one day. We decided a parachute would be a great idea but were not sure what to make it from or whether it should be big or small? We made predictions and carried out a range of investigations to find the answer! Here are some pictures of us building our tissue paper parachutes.

We have been very busy recently by trying to find answers to some of our Galactic Guests questions which has taken us outside to explore the trees in our wood along with spotting and collecting litter!

This year has started with a CRASH! BANG! WALLOP! An alien spaceship crashed into the Music and Drama room leaving it in a right mess! We discovered a letter amongst the debris and found out that we have a ‘Galactic Guest’ visiting us in school. Our Galactic Guest seems to know nothing about our planet and has started asking questions for us to answer.

We then spent some time thinking about our GG's flightpath and what continents and oceans he might have flown over.