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Welcome to the Mangoes!


This page will help explain some of the awesome learning taking place in our class!


We became chefs today in the Mangoes class. We learned the skill of cutting food and the importance of hygiene when preparing food. We made a balanced meal with all the food groups and turned our classroom into a café.

Story time with Mr Bowie

OUR LIBRARY HAS RE-OPENED!! We had such a great time having real library time this week!

We have written some riddles to add a bit of fun to our Wildlife Park. Can you guess the animal based on the scientific clues?

We are working hard to become true scientists so we can open our Wildlife Park. We have created scientific sketches to detail the specific features of the different vertebrates.

We are learning how to use clay to create models with texture and definition. We began by learning how to roll a sphere and a cylinder and how to add water to keep the clay moist.

This week we have been busy learning all about the scientific words that describe the vertebrate animals and we have been using thinking tools to sort and classify the information we have found.

We had a very special visitor on Monday....Fred the tortoise!! We really enjoyed meeting him. Did you know he is a reptile? This is one of the 5 vertebrate animals. We have been challenged to become wildlife experts and to open our own wildlife centre in the school.... watch this space for picture updates!

We played some maths games to help us to learn our number facts within 20.

We did a circle time to talk about our feelings. It was lovely to hear that other people have similar worries to us. We have lots of different feelings as the day goes on.

We were lucky enough to have an expert come into school and talk to us all about the Titanic. It was so interesting and we learned lots of new facts!

Today we learned about another sea disaster and made comparisons with the Titanic. We learned all about Grace Darling and spent the afternoon sketching her.

Today we learned all about five of the notable characters from the Titanic, including Molly Brown, Captain Smith and Joseph Bruce Ismay. They are all significant people from history.

As historians we need to use specific skills when investigating the past. One of those skills is called chronology, we used chronology to create a timeline of the sinking of the Titanic.

We welcomed everyone back this week so we decided to recreate our Titanic Museum for them to enjoy.

PE was so much fun today with all the wall bars and ropes!

We are hunting for suffixes in phonics today...

We have been learning about D&T in our Christmas project, we have made cards with a moving part operated by a lever mechanism...

We came into class after lunch and there was a mysterious envelope with a clue inside! We solved the clue and went on an exciting treasure hunt around the school grounds. Eventually we pieced together a puzzle of pictures and it turned out to be the Nativity scene and a very exciting challenge from Mrs Pillon ( we are keeping it secret at the moment)...

SCIENCE: Our longitudinal study this year is all about trees. Each class has adopted a tree to study through the seasons. In the Mangoes we have adopted an Oak tree. We are going to look at what happens to our tree through the seasons...

Our Remembrance display in the school hall.

At Orchard Infant School we will be remembering all those who fought for their country, those who died and those who came home.


As a school community we all have a connection to someone who has given their lives to ensure we can live in peace and happiness. 


For this reason we will be celebrating Remembrance Day at 11am on the 11/11/20 where a 2 minutes silence will be respected for the fallen.


Our children will learn the importance of Remembrance Day and will create a poppy display in our school hall in honour of all service men and women past and present. 


Lest we forget. 



We would love to hear any family history linked to Remembrance Day for the children.

This will be shared with their class on Wednesday as part of our Remembrance Day service in school. Please head to Google Classroom for more information. 

Remembrance Day in the Mangoes

Wow Ethan, thank you so much for sharing your family military history today on Remembrance Day. You must be so proud! Fantastic facts and such lovely photos of your Grandads medals!

We took a virtual flight to New Zealand, we flew through the northern hemisphere, over the equator into the southern hemisphere, passing continents and oceans until we arrived in Auckland. We are going to be geographers again and learn about a country far far away from ours.

We used the skill of sketching to create an artists impression of Florence Nightingale...