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Welcome to the Pears Class!


We have had an amazing first few weeks in the Pears Class. From day one the children have come into school and adapted to the new routines exceptionally well! They come in beautifully each morning, hang up their coats and put their water bottles and book bags away - they truly are amazing!


Well done Pears Class, you've truly blown Miss Archer, Miss Porter and Miss Wilson's socks off with your independence, resilience and eagerness to learn!

Our Golden Rules

Over the last few weeks, we have learned all about our golden rules for in school, and our safety rules for outside in our learning garden. Here we are creating some posters for our school rules!

Our Listening Welly Walk

We went on a walk around our woods to listen for lots of different noises. We heard birds, the wind, children playing, loud noises, quiet noises and even a bus driving past outside the school!

Exploring the Role Play

This week we explored the Role Play for the first time. We had so much fun!

Hide and Seek

Here we are playing hide and seek in our lovely Orchard. Everybody had a turn at being the seekers. The children carefully counted up to 10 before running off to find their hiding friends! We really are so lucky to have such wonderful outside spaces to do some of our learning each week!

Exploring the Woods

We went to explore our woods for the first time this morning! It was such a lovely time. We went investigating, bug hunting, looking at all the different colour leaves, collected leaves and sticks. We played catch around the trees, pretended to be witches and wolves and even had a bit of a read in our lovely sheltered area. We are so lucky to have our woods!

Our Class Tree

This week we all worked together to create a display in our Pippins Shared Area for everybody to see! We went on a walk around our woods and collected some natural objects like small twigs and leaves to stick onto some paper leaves. Each child decorated their own paper leaf and I think we can all agree that the end result looks amazing!