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Pears Class September 2018

Wow what a great day we had celebrating world book day! The children looked great in their dressing up outfits and were very excited to see Miss Porter and Mrs Oakerbee sporting very fetching blue wigs and Thing 1 and Thing 2! We kicked off the morning with a very funny assembly, reinforcing the love of reading for all children with Mr Gibbs and Mr Bowie dancing to a Little Red Riding Hood rap! Pears were enthusiastically engaged in all of the activities linked with Little Red Riding hood, we had role play, reading alternative stories with friendly wolves, puppet shows, writing linked with the contents of her basket and post it notes describing the wolf and Little Red Riding hood. We hope they have come home sharing their day with you all, what a shame we only have it once a year!!

Week commencing 28th January

With the wintery weather we had this week the children have been able to have lots of conversations around the ice and snow. The children have been explaining to the grown ups what happens to the snow and ice when we hold it in our hands and why we don’t want to bring it indoors. Their language has included, melting, frozen, wet, slushy, slippy, chilly, snow, ice, cold and crunchy! They were extra excited on Friday when at home time it started to snow, they all came out with their tongues sticking out because I had challenged them to try and catch a snowflake on their tongues!!

This week in our maths we have been continuing to look at the number bonds to 10 and you might like to share the number bonds song we have been singing together – use this link! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lD9tjBUiXs0

This week’s phonics sounds were oa (boat), oo (look and zoo), ar (star), or (sort) and ur (nurse). The children are working hard to spot these sounds when they are reading and are becoming more confident using them when writing.

In PE we made a visit to the beach where the children showed me their swimming skills. We pretended to be animals in the ocean and we had some scary sharks and some very wobbly jellyfish! The children then practised their balancing skills, sitting on their bottoms with their legs raised without putting their hands down, they showed great concentration and determination to get it right! We’ll make another visit to the beach next week!

Mrs Oakerbee, Miss Porter and Miss Walker

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Week commencing 21st January

Gosh the weeks seem to be whizzing by, I think it’s because we’ve been so busy!! So what have we been up to this week?

We have been exploring how it makes our bodies feel when we relax and have been practising a little bit of mindfulness. The children have been so great at sitting quietly while we listen to relaxing music and it has helped them to feel nice, calm and relaxed. They have been able to recognise how their bodies feel afterwards with some of them telling us they feel sleepy!!

We have continued to look at counting beyond 5 and the children were able to accurately count out fish after picking up a numeral card. They have been looking at numbers in the environment and Miss Porter has been watching out for any opportunities when playing for them to demonstrate their counting skills eg. Counting fish in the learning garden, counting the cars they are playing with etc.

Phonics saw us introducing the letters th, ng, ai, ee and igh. The children are using their phonics sounds more often now in both their reading and writing. We also have been practising our high frequency words and it can be helpful to practise these at home, look for them in books you are reading together or hide them around the house. Learning these words can make a huge difference to their reading. Use the homework sheets sent home to see which words we have been learning or ask me for a copy!

PE saw us visiting Jupiter! The children worked collaboratively to avoid the black holes and demonstrated great jumping skills with both feet, sideways and twisting while jumping.

Mrs Oakerbee, Miss Porter and Miss Walker

Week commencing 14th January

With the weather getting a little chillier it’s fun to see the children all sporting some very funky head wear - the girls are definitely the ones that are going for the ear muff look! The children are so excited to go into the garden when it is so cold hunting for any signs of ice, there is something quite fascinating about it, not just because it is so cold but because of some of the amazing patterns the children notice within the ice!

The children enjoyed a welly walk on the nature trail this week, looking for changes since they had last been on it. The children had some lovely conversations about the new shoots that they spotted, identifying them as daffodils. I’m sure we are all looking forward to seeing them bloom, an indicator that spring is not too far away!

In their family groups this week, the children have been talking about things that make them proud and they then shared some of these examples with the rest of the class. They also talked about remembering things and we related this to what they could remember about pre-school or nursery, it was lovely to hear them talking so animatedly about their experiences before coming to Orchard.

In our maths we have continued to look at numbers beyond 5. We have been counting groups of fish, encouraging careful counting by lining objects up and touching each one as they count them. The children have also been looking at number formation beyond 5 and for some, the teen numbers, which have proved a little tricky. Help at home is always good for their mathematical understanding. Use of everyday objects is a natural way of doing this, how many steps up to bed? How many red cars can they see? How many bananas in the fruit bowl? Etc.

Phonics saw us introducing the letters z, ch, sh and qu. The children should now be taking to you about diagraphs which is where 2 letters make one sound. They are also becoming more confident now using their phonics sounds in their writing. The children wrote captions to accompany a deep sea picture and they were very excited to identify the different fish, spotting a shark, jellyfish, starfish and turtles. We also discovered some amazing facts about the octopus. Quiz your children and see if they can remember any of them!

Mrs Oakerbee, Miss Porter and Miss Walker

Week commencing 12th November


What has been happening in Pears this week?

We have had another busy week with the children continuing to work on all of their phonics a sound, recapping last weeks new sounds of m, u, e, k and r. We have now updated the website with the actions (cued articulation) that accompany each sound, why don’t you take a look at them together with your child! The children have amazed me at how well they are mastering the writing of their phonics sounds and are so excited to show me what they have done in their Busy Bee time! Within their reading groups we are also seeing the children automatically robot the words and spot some of the tricky words that we have been focusing on.


In maths we have continued to look at different ways of making 5 using something called a part, part whole method where the whole is 5 and the 2 parts make up 5 eg. 0 and 5, 1 and 4, 2 and 3, 3 and 2, 4 and 1, 5 and 0. While the most of the children are super confident with their counting by rote, some still need practise counting a selection of objects, help at home by asking them to count objects around them eg. How many chairs at the table, how many apples in a bag, how many teddies in their bed etc. Encourage them to touch each thing as they count.


PE continues to be on a Monday and Wednesday, Apologies for those children who appear on this days with some of their clothes on inside out or back to front! We are encouraging independence! One child last week happily told me that he preferred his trousers inside out!!!


In our family groups with our PSHE we have continued to focus on sharing, how to share, what things we can say to our friends if we want to have a turn with a toy and where to find help if someone is not sharing.


Please continue to help your child recognise their name, we are still finding that they lack confidence in finding their own book bag at the end of the day. Many also need to practice writing it too.


It was lovely to meet the rest of the parents on Wednesday for the last parents evening, having that opportunity to talk to you about how your child is settling into school life is so very important! I’m sure you will all agree they are all doing amazingly well!


Mrs Oakerbee, Miss Porter and Miss Walker

Week commencing 5th November


What a week of mixed weather we have had, the leaves have finally all fallen from the trees outside the classroom but it still continues to feel quite Autumnal.


The children have been leaning some new sounds this week in phonics, hopefully they have been telling you all about them. This week our sounds have been, m, u, e, k & r. It would be great if you could ask them to teach you the sounds and spot them in books that you are sharing or all around you as you go about your day! They are all so enthusiastic in school and are super keen to practise writing the phonics sounds even in their Busy Bee time!


This week as part of our topic some of the children have been making Dragon eggs using clay, They have been so creative using tools and shells to make interesting patterns.

In the children’s writing they have continued to look at writing lists and this week our funny fairy was making some very odd potions! The children had a go at writing a list of all the ingredients using their phonics sounds to help them.


Maths this week has been exploring how we make 5. This has been done looking at number bonds to 5 using the Numicom. The children have really enjoyed a number bond song on youtube - this is the link if you would like to share it with them too! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1oa6o0fMKk


  1. Friday I was so so very proud of the children when they took their wooden crosses over to the Junior school as part of the Remembrance celebrations. They stood quietly and sensibly while they took it in turns to push the crosses into the ground. They set a super example to all of the older junior school children (who were also superbly behaved) and I was blown away by how respectful the children all were.

Mrs Oakerbee, Miss Porter and Miss Walker

Week commencing 29th October


The children came in beautifully after their half term break.

As part of our magical creature’s topic the children were excited to find a strange golden egg had been left in the classroom over the half term break! We had lots of conversation about who could have left it. They had some super ideas suggesting that it was a dinosaur, a brown chicken, a snake or a dragon!


This week we continued to work on all of our phonics sounds, that we have previously learnt and the children are becoming very confident now at saying them and adding the hand sign, I hope they have been teaching you at home! We have also continued to work on the letter formation for each of the letters and it amazes me every day how hard they all work to try and master their writing. The children had an opportunity to have a go at writing their letters when we went on a walk on the nature trail looking for Benji Bears friends. They all wrote a list of the animals that we found writing at least the first sound of each animal.


In our maths we have continued to work on our numbers from 0 - 5 looking in more depth at how we write the numbers, something that they are finding a little more difficult but have been keen to practise in class.


We had a super creative day on Tuesday with the children making some large poppies ready for the whole school display in the main hall. We talked a little about what the poppies represent and this will be discussed again next week in our remembrance assembly. We also had Christmas come early when the children created their Christmas cards, you should have received their artwork and the order form in their book bags on Friday.


It was lovely to meet with some of you on Thursday for parents evening and I look forward to meeting with the rest of you on Wednesday the 14th.


Mrs Oakerbee, Miss Porter and Miss Walker

Week commencing 8th October


Well it certainly feels like autumn has begun! The children have been spotting signs of it all week either on their walk into school or on the welly walk, collecting lots of beautiful autumnal leaves of all colours, shapes and sizes!

The children have really got to grips with their family groups this week and we have been talking in our smaller groups about different feelings, happy, sad, scared and excited. It’s so lovely to hear that simple things like hugs and kisses make the children happy! This week we have continued to work on our phonics sounds and the children are becoming more confident spotting them. We have been working this week on writing the letters (graphemes) and introducing our words of the week. The children have explored different mediums to write on, not just paper, we’ve had writing in the sand and oats, chalking on the playground and making letters with the play dough.


In our maths we have continued to looking in depth at numbers from 0 - 5. The children have been looking at the numeral and matching it up with things that they have been counting, some of them have also been having a go at writing the number too!


This week the children have been exploring Mermaids as part of our Magical Creature topic, we learnt about where they live and sleep and the children have been sharing stories about Mermaids to discover what magical qualities they have. The children used their super creativity skills to make some beautiful Mermaids for our classroom display!


If you haven’t provided any wellies for your child we would urge you to do so now that we are experiencing some wetter weather! The children (and some adults!) love to get out when it is wet and jump in all of those puddles!!


Mrs Oakerbee, Miss Porter and Miss Walker

Week commencing 1st October



The children have now experienced their first full week at school and I’m sure you have had some very tired children! They have all very nicely settled into the routine of the school day and are becoming more familiar with the school rules every day. They have now been grouped into their family groups, Mr Happy and Mr Cheerful and should all be able to tell you which group they are in!


This week we have introduced the first of our phonics sounds, of which your child will have brought home a sheet showing you what sounds we have covered. It would be great if you could talk to your children about these. Ask them to show you what hand sign (cued articulation) we make for each sound as well as the sound itself. Hopefully they will be spotting the letters all around them – for example, at the supermarket, on the street signs as you walk home, on the breakfast cereal packet and in the books you share!


In our maths we have been looking in depth at numbers from 0 - 5. We have continued to share number songs, but also have been counting out familiar objects to make up each number, matching it with the correct numeral. The children are always super keen to show us how clever they are spotting numbers all around them in the classroom and the learning garden!

In their family groups the children have continued to work on their listening skills with familiar games and the sharing of stories.


As part of topic about magical creatures, the children created a class magical creature and it was great to see how creative some of the children are! Together they created a collage of our creature for our class display.


Lunch times still can be a little scary for our year R children and although they have coped brilliantly with the routine, please continue to talk to you child about what option (red or green) they are going to have each day.


We value your support in all of your child’s learning and hope that they are sharing this with you at home!


Mrs Oakerbee, Miss Porter and Miss Walker

Week commencing 24th September


This week the children have been introduced to our Wriggly Writers sessions where they have been exercising their hand muscles. Some of the activities they have been following have been to squish and squash playdough, thread pasta onto pipe cleaners and one of their favourites follow Mrs Oakerbee’s dance routine on the whiteboard!


We continued our games sessions in the hall this week and the children are becoming so much more confident at putting their socks and shoes back on.


On Thursday we were super excited to receive a special delivery. The children who were great spotters noticed that there was a large box in the classroom with a pair of eyes peeking out! When we investigated it we discovered a very shy bear inside! We had been given the job of looking after this bear, whose name we discovered was Benji Bear. Benji Bear mustn’t be left on his own over the weekend so the children will be able to take it in turns to bring him home to look after him. He has a very special book too where the children can tell us all about their time with Benji Bear!


Listening Lola has been continuing to work with the children on their listening skills and this week she got them to link sounds with different animals and instruments. The children also had to guess what was in a mystery parcel that Lola had received by gently feeling it - it was a bag of pasta!


We have had another wonderful week together and again the children have been amazing, adapting to the school routine brilliantly!


Mrs Oakerbee, Miss Porter and Mrs Walker

Week commencing 17th September


Once again the children have had a super busy week, no doubt they have been coming home very tired. They have settled amazingly into the school routine and have shown me what amazing listeners they are. In our phonics sessions we have played games to encourage good listening and used Listening Lola to help the children, this week Lola asked the children to pass a balloon around the circle without making a sound! They were so impressive – not a squeak was made!


We have focused this week on how we look after our classroom, in particular how we keep it tidy. When it is tidy up time they have all been amazingly helpful and are beginning to understand the importance of putting things away in the correct place both in the classroom and in the learning garden. Next week I may just have to time them to see how quickly they can do it!!

The children have been talking about how we can stay safe in the learning garden and some of the children created some super posters for us to display – keep an eye out for them.

This week the children had their first session in the hall to do games. They loved the game Duck Duck Goose and we saw the children carrying on the game in the garden later that afternoon! If you are unfamiliar with the game ask your children to explain it to you – no doubt they will request to play it again this week and so will be expert at it!

I am so proud of how well the children have settled into school and am sure you are too!

Mrs Oakerbee, Miss Porter and Mrs Walker

Week commencing 10th September


This week was a long week for some of our A option children, I am sure that many of them were extremely tired on Friday! They have all settled amazing well into the school routine! On Friday after greeting them all at the gate I returned into the class to find they had all found their name on the lunchtime register, attached their lunch tokens, placed their book bags in the boxes and hung up their coats!! Amazing as it was only their second week!


In class we have been focusing on following the school rules, in particular how to be a good listener. The children have met Lola the Leopard who has very sensitive ears, when she is awake we have to be super quiet and whisper! The children were brilliant at playing a circle time game, taking it in turns at picking up the tambourine without letting it make a sound! The children have had lots of opportunities to explore and play as part of settling into school and we have observed lots of cooperation between the children and some super sharers! Lunchtimes can often be an area that the children find difficult, the routine is very different with lots of choices to be made. The hall can seem very large and noisy for our year R children, however all of the children coped brilliantly and they all seemed to have a good appetite!


I am so pleased to see most parents giving me a wave at the end of the day when their child is at the front of the line! It can be very tricky to spot you in a sea of faces so please continue to do this it also helps your child to spot where you are to and it ensures that they go directly to you.


A helper request – at the end of Friday afternoon it’s important that we sterilise all of the children’s water bottles to ensure that we keep bugs at bay. Ideally we would like a few parents to volunteer for this job so that we can have a rota going. If you feel that you could spare us 15 minutes before picking your child up please could you let us know. Many thanks.


Mrs Oakerbee, Miss Porter and Miss Walker.


Week commencing 3rd September


Welcome to all of the new Pears children! Wow what a busy week we had visiting you all at home. It was super to see how confident the children were showing us their toys and demonstrating how imaginatively they could play! It was also great to meet all your lovely parents and grandparents and discover all about you!


We had a wonderful afternoon singing nursery rhymes together on Thursday, however I now realise that I need to brush up on some of the rhymes!


Miss Porter, Miss Walker and myself have been busy preparing the classroom for the children’s first sessions next week and we are very excited about the children starting. We are all very much looking forward to starting the school journey with your children next week and hope they are too!


Mrs Oakerbee.