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Welcome to the Pineapples!


This page will help explain some of the awesome learning taking place in our class!

Here are a selection of photos from our super sports day.

We thoroughly enjoyed tasting the meals we designed and made. Mmmmm, yummy!

Today we reapplied some of our clay expertise and made some pinch pots.

We had an amazing time preparing and then eating a meal made in class. We made sure we had all the different food types to give us and Jimmy a balanced meal!

This week we met Jimmy who brought in his breakfast. He wasn't sure whether he should be eating this daily so we agreed we should investigate the food we eat and help educate him!

We had a surprise visitor this week! Dave from Raptor exotics brought in some of his amazing animals to help us with our project. It was amazing to see them so close up!

Here are more amazing habitats made at home!

Here are two amazing habitats made by Oliver and Lucas. What wildlife can you spot? What facts do you know about the wildlife in each habitat?

It’s the start of the Summer term already! Today, Mrs Carr brought in her pet tortoise Fred who has not long awoken from hibernation. Meeting Fred made us curious about finding out about local indigenous animals so our project is going to be about creating our own wildlife centre!

Mrs Pillon spent some time with the Pineapples so we decided to spend time in the woods hunting for Easter eggs and telling her jokes!

Foraging sticks to compare against a metre line to help show multiples of 10.

Library time in the Pineapples showing our love for books.

We sequenced the order of events to help time line the disaster of the Titanic.

We had our very own Titanic museum to help us research more facts about the ship and what happened to her.

Watch our amazing video about the things you could see and do in New Zealand.

Still image for this video

Our Remembrance display in the school hall...

At Orchard Infant School we will be remembering all those who fought for their country, those who died and those who came home.


As a school community we all have a connection to someone who has given their lives to ensure we can live in peace and happiness. 


For this reason we will be celebrating Remembrance Day at 11am on the 11/11/20 where a 2 minutes silence will be respected for the fallen.


Our children will learn the importance of Remembrance Day and will create a poppy display in our school hall in honour of all service men and women past and present. 


Lest we forget. 

We would love to hear any family history linked to Remembrance Day for the children.

This will be shared with their class on Wednesday as part of our Remembrance Day service in school. Please head to Google Classroom for more information.

Feel Good Friday! Here we are making our own buckets to help us fill each others.

Pollution, what's the solution? Pineapples class.

Making posters to help spread the message that polluting our environment is unacceptable!

We explored our school woods where sadly we found some litter. So, we took responsibility and cleared it up in a safe way!

Pollution What's the Solution?

We are so proud of how the children have restarted school! They have been working hard to follow the new routines while also working very hard. On Thursday afternoon we spent some quality time together in our magnificent wooded area.