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Welcome to the Pineapples!


This page will help explain some of the awesome learning taking place in our class!

For this weeks Zoom call I have been exploring our school. I photographed myself in different areas. Can you spot where I went? Join the Zoom call on Thursday 25 June at 3:30 to find out!

Hello Pineapples!

School Tour



Good morning Pineapples! I hope you are all trying your best to stay positive and be helpful.


It was brilliant to speak to lots of you Pineapples and hear your voices. You all sound like your doing brilliantly so well done to you all! 


I'm trying my best to work hard at home and believe it or not I have a lot of work to do even though we've not being going to school in the usual way.


Part of what I do at home is to check in on what you've being doing on Purple Mash and I've enjoyed reading the little comments some of you have added so please keep it up even if you just say hello.


As you know I have two daughters Sofia and Ava who have home learning set b y their school so I support them where I can.


I really hope we can meet up as team Pineapples again very soon.


Bye bye for now.


Take care



Mr Gibbs and Mrs Hill x



Hello Pineapples,


I really hope you and your friends and family are all keeping well and enjoying each others company where you can. I thought I’d type a little letter letting you know some of the things I’ve been up to since we last saw each other.


I've been back into school since the 20th of March to help look after some of the key worker children who have been in. Mrs Hill and I also spent time cleaning and tidying our classroom making sure it’s ready for when school will start again (fingers crossed that will be soon).


I've been very busy doing lots of school work whilst at home but have also enjoyed some time with my family. We have been trying to take advantage of the beautiful weather and going out for walks and discovering parts of our village we never knew existed! This includes seeing hundreds and hundreds of beautiful bluebells!


As you know I really love the Star Wars films and my oldest daughter Sofia has recently taken an interest too (which has made me very happy!). So, we have spent time watching the whole saga and I’ve loved it because I have noticed new things!


I've been trying to teach my youngest daughter Ava how to ride a bike but she has made it very clear that she is not quite ready yet!


Both of my children have had school work to do at home every day so they have been trying really hard to do their best and carry on with their learning.


This week I’m back in school again where my most exciting job will be to phone all of you to find out how you are and what you’ve been up to so I really look forward to speaking to you all!


Sofia has a pink ukulele so I have recorded myself having a little go on it and I’ve sang you all a song. I hope you like but I don’t think the world’s ears are quite ready to hear Mr Gibbs the rock god yet!


Mrs Hill and I miss you all.


Take care, bye for now.

Mr Gibbs.

A message for you Pineapples from Mr Gibbs!

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Hello Pineapples! This is a charity song made before you were born which I hope you enjoy! The last song which starts just before 4 minutes into the song is one I hope you will remember and join in singing with!

Hello Pineapples!


I really hope you are all keeping well and remembering to fill your days with happiness and helpfulness.


Here are some jokes which you may or may not find funny.


Q: When is an apple not an apple?

A: When it's a pineapple!


Q: What kind of fruit do trees like the most

A: Pine-apple


Q: What do you get when you cross an apple with a Christmas tree?

A: A pineapple.


Q: Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?



Q: Why did the pineapple stop in the middle of the road?

A: Because he ran out of juice!


A message for the Pineapples.

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Hello to each and every one of you!

How to Draw Cartoon Pineapple

In this lesson we will learn how to draw Cartoon Pineapple How easy step by step to draw a Pineapple! Drawing lessons for kids! Subscribe to our channel to w...

Many Pineapples were inspired to create their own amazing habitats. Well done all of you!

What am I?

  • I can tell you that I am a nocturnal creature so am mainly active when you are tucked up in bed in dreamy, sleepy, snoozy, snooze land.
  • Mostly I enjoy eating other animals which must make me a carnivore.
  • As a predator I enjoy nothing more than swooping sneakily upon my unsuspecting prey!
  • When it rains it really ruins my mood. I just get so soggy that it makes my life very tricky.
  • I have feathers all over, a couple of impressive wings and my kind lay eggs.

I am a..... (scroll down)

What am I?

  • Did you know I am a mammal which means I am warm-blooded, am covered in fur and my kind give birth to live young.
  • Interestingly, you can find me very locally. Sometimes in the forest but now more commonly nearer to your home!
  • Boggis, Bunce and Bean never stood a chance against me.
  • My family and I live in a den. It is very cosy in there.
  • I am an omnivore so I eat a bit of this and a bit of that.

I am a..... (scroll down)


Dave visited us last Tuesday and brought along some of his awesome friends!

World Book Day 2020 in the Pineapples class! We spent time enjoying being our characters by looking fantastic in our outfits before sharing some of our favourite books. We had a super, smashing, great time!

We have received two brilliant home made habitats from Hettie and Evie. They have really embraced the challenge from the home learning leaflet. It would be brilliant if every child could make their own version of a New Forest habitat. You could use a shoe box to make an underground, overground or treetop habitat. Good luck!

We had a visit from some special visitors to launch our new project - The Hidden Creatures of the New Forrest.

Keeping fit and healthy is super important to us at Orchard Infant School. We love PE and the Golden Mile but we wanted something energetic to finish our week. We do a 5 minute Joe Wicks workout every Friday morning now, even the teachers join in! Keep active keep moving!!

Wow!! We hope you enjoyed our performance as much as we did. What an incredible end to the term. Bring on Christmas!

We braved the rain and enjoyed a super day at St Andrews church as part of respecting other peoples special places.

New project - Journeys! We had a cheeky look inside what Mr Gibbs packs in his Trunki before going on his holidays.

Wow! What an incredible day in Year 2 today! We got hot and sweaty doing Joe Wicks Children in Need workout with our Year 1 friends in the school in the hall.

During our Awesome Authors project we had to write and perform our own score to accompany the crime scene from the Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown.

Interdependently, we produced some awesome non-fiction guides to help Mrs Johnn where to visit whilst in New Zealand.

During our Golden Ticket project we had a go at creating our own Maori moko...

We democratically wrote speeches as to why we should be elected to the school council. We then democratically voted Sophie and Noah as our class reps.

Sophie brought in her own fantastic volcano and we spent time making erupt! Check out our photos below.

Did you know that New Zealand has volcanoes? Today we all went outside and erupted a volcano Sophia from Strawberries Class had created for home learning. It was so exciting!

What an incredible morning we have had in Year 2. Mrs Johnn has won a golden ticket to go on holiday to New Zealand at Christmas. The only problem is she doesn't know where to visit or what to do. She has set us a challenge to create a tour guide of exciting destinations for her to visit. We are going to become expert geographers!