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Welcome to the Pineapples!


This page will help explain some of the awesome learning taking place in our class!

WOW! We are super proud of our tennis team. They competed in the infant school tennis tournament and did the school proud. The rain was never going to stop them! They represented the school with immense pride and vigor. Not only did they behave like true sportsman but they were resilient in any defeats and graceful in their triumphs. Orchard Infant School at it's finest, polite, well behaved and kind children. We couldn't be prouder of them.

We had a visit this week from Jimmy the puppet. He thinks he might be unhealthy because he bought a McDonald's for lunch. He has asked the children to help him find out. We are going to investigate different food groups as part of our Healthy Body Healthy Mind project.

We had a visit from Raptor Exotics today, it was AMAZING! We met and touched so many different animals and learnt 100s of new scientific facts. Here are some pictures of Plop the owl, Terry the hedgehog and many more.

Today we visited the New Forest Wildlife Park. We are quickly becoming animal experts. We learnt some great scientific terms! Have you ever heard of the terms: nocturnal, diurnal and crepuscular? We have and we are going to learn more!

Today we reecived a special box from the New Forest Wildlife Park along with a riddle to help us try and solve what was inside.

Wow! What a project! We found out so many facts relating to the causes of the sinking of the Titanic and how things changed after the tragedy to make sea travel safer. We can talk about some of the notable people on board including Captain Smith, Frederick Fleet, Mollie Brown, Thomas Andrews and more. Furthermore, we also learned about a very brave lady called Grace Darling. Finally we researched the brave people of the RNLI before writing a letter to the people of Meriden telling them what we found out.

A newspaper article was found where Vicar Bob from Meriden was pleading for help to convince his parishioners to go on a free cruise. However, the people of Meriden were too frightened because of what they knew about what happened to the Titanic. Of course, the children DEFINITELY wanted to help Vicar Bob!

Red was our theme for World Book Day! So, we explored the well known tale of Little Red Riding Hood and the various different endings used by authors. We then planned and wrote our own alternative ending, which we thoroughly enjoyed!

It was science week just before our half term break. The theme for the school was recycling with a focus on plastic. We looked at the impact of plastic waste on our seas and oceans before finding out what could happen if plastic ever ended up on our own plates! To do this we had a look inside ourselves, found out about our digestive systems before experimenting by making our own!

After making our super duper books we then shared them with our friends in the Cherries class.

We used some untuned instruments to write and then perform a score to accompany the crime scenes from our stories.

Happy New Year! The Pineapples brought in some very close friends to join them in a fictional story they will be writing as part of our new project, Awesome Authors!

Happy New Year! The Pineapples brought in some very close friends to join them in a fictional story they will be writing as part of our new project, Awesome Authors! 1
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At the moment we are knee deep in getting ready for our Christmas show Lights, Camel, Action! This forms part of our Journeys project where we look at some of the journeys made in the Nativity story. We even went on our own journey to St. Andrews church to find out why it is a special place for Christians.

There were 6 old photographs on our classroom walls when we went into class on Monday. They turned out to be notable historic people connected to our local area. This week we have been excitedly working interpendently to find out about each person before sharing our research with other children from Year 2!

We have finished our New Zealand books! Mr Bowie was so excited to read them all. He said we have created some spectacular art work and superb writing about each area of New Zealand. He loved reading about all the geographical features in each area and is deciding which destination he would like to visit!

We have had a very interesting and respectful day to help commemorate 100 years since the end of the Great War. We have been planting crosses, imagining how life might have been for children 100 years ago, exploring army uniforms, holding a two minute time of silence/reflection before designing our own poppy colour themes.

Here are photographs of some of the brilliant home learning making its way into the Pineapples so far.

We have been finding out about Mount Ruapehu which is an active volcanoe in New Zealand. In groups we have been developing our geographical language by matching pictures with geographic terms and explanations.

We really enjoyed a splendid day out visiting Lepe Country Park to help us learn about geographical features. We explored the coastline along with going on a wooded boardwalk trail as well as having a talk with a Lepe Country Park Ranger!

Mr Bowie has won a Golden Ticket to New Zealand but doesn't know where to visit or what he might see while he is there. We have all decided to help him by exploring the geographical features of the country and by comparing them to our country. Today we started to develop our field work skills during a trip to Lepe Country Park!

We received a letter from our Galactic Guest explaining he had slipped on our school hall floor. He asked us if we could investigate the best material to make him some shoes. We made some predictions then tested lots of materials on a ramp.

Our Galactic Guest mentioned his spaceship brushed against some tall green things before crash landing. We quickly realised that it must have been trees and dashed outside to identify the different trees in our school grounds. Here are some leaves from the trees we found and named.

We have been busy this week using our imaginations, wondering what our Galactic Guest might look like. We used a range of push and pull forces to create some spectacular clay models!

We have been very busy recently by trying to find answers to some of our Galactic Guests questions which has taken us outside to explore the trees in our wood along with spotting and collecting litter!

This year has started with a CRASH! BANG! WALLOP! An alien spaceship crashed into the Music and Drama room leaving it in a right mess! We discovered a letter amongst the debris and found out that we have a ‘Galactic Guest’ visiting us in school. Our Galactic Guest seems to know nothing about our planet and has started asking questions for us to answer.

We then spent some time thinking about our GG's flightpath and what continents and oceans he might have flown over.