Orchard Infant School

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Please note that Orchard Infant School is open as usual on Monday 4th July, it is only Orchard Junior School who have an inset day.


Welcome to the Pineapples!


This page will help explain some of the awesome learning taking place in our class!

Here some photos from the outcome of our Hidden Creatures project. Thank you very much for taking the time to come into our classroom to have a look!

Mrs Carr brought in Fred who had not long awoken from his hibernation for us to meet. It was amazing to see such an amazing reptile up close.

We were visited by Dave from Exotic Raptors who brought in some of his amazing animals for us to look at and even touch.

We are learning to manipulate clay! We started by explerimating by making different shapes, making and using a slip as well as a range of tools to cut and shape.

We had the most amazing day at the New Forest Wildlife Park!

Exploring comic strips during World Book Day 2022!

The first area of interest we have visited in New Zealand is Mount Ruapehu. To begin with we spent time conducting a matching activity to learn some new vocabulary.

We spent some time talking about what we already know about New Zealand and then thought about some questions we wanted to know the answer to.

It was very windy for our geography field trip to Lepe but we still had an amazing time!

Here are some of our photos from our super trip to Hythe which was our outcome for the year 2 communi-tea week.

We followed our designs and made our puppet stages which incorporate a lever and a winder.

As part of a science study we dug out three small ponds in an effort to find out if we could attract new life to our school grounds. We'll check in during the rest of the year to find out how they're getting along.

On Monday morning, another ransom note arrived. Another toy had gone missing! Time to set our superheroes on the case!

Awe and wonder! We took the opportunity to go outside and explore our environment to notice the changes to what we see and feel as a result of a beautifully frosty morning.

We had a visit from a very distressed Mrs Johnn this week who had received a strange letter from somebody telling her that her Barbie had been stolen! Luckily we followed some clues and rescued her from her greenhouse prison!

Luckily the Pineapples responded by bringing in potential suitors to help Traction Man. Here they are getting to know each other by holding their own superhero circle time in the music and drama room.

A new year and a new mysterious letter arrived. It turns out that Traction Man is looking for a helper whilst he is away being a superhero elsewhere!

Here are some photo's of the wonderful work we have done along with some fab home learning!

We had a brilliant trip to the Historic Dockyard at Portsmouth. We learnt so much about what life was like during that period in time.

We received a message from Horatio Nelson who is worried about being forgotten so he challenged us to research about him to help spread the message about how important he was British history.

We had a Ready, Steady, Cook style competition organised by our kitchen, it was so much fun!

On Friday the 8th of October we had a special visitor in school. Mrs Radmore dropped in to talk to us about her job. She is a pharmacist and she told us about the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle through eating a balanced a diet and exercising. She also challenged us to design and make some leaflets to help educate other people in our community. So, this week we have been very busy starting our lovely leaflets which we will drop off to St. Andrews Church on Thursday the 21st of October. 

After finding out about eating healthily we visited our local outdoor public space in Noads Way and had a go at six activities to help us get fitter. It was a little bit soggy but we all had an amazing time!

We have been learning about the five main food groups: protein, oils and fats, dairy, fruit and vegetables and carbohydrates. After we worked together to find out about food traffic light labels. We found some surprising answers!

We met Jimmy last week who brought in his lunch. After meeting him we sat in a circle and talked about what we felt about what Jimmy was going to eat.

*******************PERFORMANCE ACADEMY LAUNCH****************


We here at Orchard Infants have been given such an amazing uplift from our children recently in our singing assemblies and have decided that we need to give our children the opportunity to shine and display their talents through music and song with our very own choir.


We have a fantastic new after school club that Miss Wilson is very excited to run. Her passion for performing and singing is something she loves to share with the children and our assemblies fill the school with such positivity that she and Mr Bowie have created our very own Orchard Infants Performance Academy, better known as OIPA! Miss Wilson has performed with a local pop/rock choir called En Masse and has been involved in many shows so she has a wealth of first hand experience. She also helps out with the children’s version of the choir Eminor and it is through this that she has seen the wonderful affect that music and singing has on children and can’t wait to see our very own children at Orchard Infants flourish.


Our vision is to have our OIPA children become more involved with our local community such as visiting care homes to sing carols to our elder community at Christmas, spreading the Christmas joy! We’d also love to perform at community events, fayres, and of course invite parents/families into school for special performances. We want this to be a meaningful way to connect our community and to provide cultural capital for the children involved.


We would love to encourage children to join OIPA with Miss Wilson on Thursdays after school, if you think your child would enjoy this opportunity, please don’t hesitate to sign them up, we welcome everyone!         

Here are some amazing photos from our classroom showing our brilliant home learning, our Kandinsky inspired artwork and our 'Have you Filled a Bucket Today' wall.

We really enjoy the valuable time we spend every week with Mrs Needham in our amazing library.

We had a go at using our knowledge of primary and secondary colours to mix tertiary colours.

We had a visit from Mrs K who is now an artist! she showcased some of her art to help inspire us as well as helping us to make a giant colour wheel.

We received three letters from some upset crayons who feel a little neglected and so have quit! As a result Miss Archer was upset because she couldn't find any crayons in school anywhere!

We worked interdependently to sort words which we felt would make a good friend.