Orchard Infant School

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We still have places available for children starting school in Year R in September. Please go to our “Admissions” page under our “Key Info” tab to make a “late” application.

Useful Links to prepare your child for school

What can I do to help prepare my child for school?

During the Summer holidays you could try to encourage your children to do the following:

                Support your child’s independence

  • Dress and undress
  • Turn their clothes in the right way.
  • Put on socks or tights
  • Put their shoes on
  • Toilet themselves independently.
  • Begin to use a knife, fork and spoon. (Adults will always support children in this is they need it).
  • Use a tissue to wipe or blow their nose.
  • Fasten their coat – particularly with zips.

Build up your child’s social skills

  • Listen and follow simple instructions.
  • Encourage them to have play dates
  • Show them how to share when playing a game together
  • Enjoy having conversations together
  • Share stories together about starting school and friendships

                 Talk to your child about school

Talking about the exciting things your child is going to do at school helps them get over any nerves. You could:

  • Walk to or past the school to familiarise them
  • Talk about how fun school is
  • Practise the school routine