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Please note that Orchard Infant School is open as usual on Monday 4th July, it is only Orchard Junior School who have an inset day.

Visions and Values

Orchard Infant School Vision

Please watch this short video of Orchard Infant School's "Vision"

Our Learning Values...

Our Learning Values underpin our Integrated Curriculum. Each Learning Value is represented within each project which helps the children to develop each of the values within a meaningful context. Each year group develops and builds upon the skills for each value from the previous year and we plan for opportunities to learn and demonstrate then within our academic and wider curriculum.

We want our children to leave our school with these values firmly instilled in them; to stand up for what they believe in, to try new things, to be kind and caring, inclusive to others and to have empathy and respect for the world around them


Our Vision...

We believe that thinking is a fundamental life skill that will prepare our children for their future. Thinking is a common thread that links all our values.

We aim to enable children to think confidently in a variety of ways and to value their own thoughts along with those of others.

We encourage children to generate, represent and question ideas, process information, solve problems, reason, enquire and evaluate.

We offer a rich and exciting curriculum with a range of challenges that stimulate thinking.



Our Vision...

We believe that independence enables children to begin to take ownership of their learning and to know about themselves as learners.

We aim for children to participate actively in and manage their own learning. Children will develop self-esteem, confidence and motivation and become life-long learners.

We encourage children to develop self-management skills, be self-motivated, make informed choices and take decisions to further their learning.

We offer opportunities for children to independently develop their ideas and access appropriate resources on their own.



Our Vision...

We believe that interdependence is important because the success of a community depends upon its members co-operating and collaborating.

We aim to develop children’s confidence and trust when working collaboratively. They will learn from each other and appreciate how the strengths of each individual contribute to their shared success.

We encourage children to listen, respond, share and support each other in order to work well as a team. We promote respect and understanding of others.

We offer opportunities and support for children to work collaboratively across the curriculum and take different roles within the team.



Our Vision...

We believe that creativity is an expression of uniqueness. It is an opportunity for children to explore and express ideas, generate and refine thoughts by making connections which allow them a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment in seeing concepts successfully achieved.

We aim for children to confidently hypothesise, explore and express ideas to develop their own unique concepts.

We encourage children to challenge and satisfy their curiosity and imagination without limits and for them to take risks in order to develop solutions for original outcomes.

We offer stimulating contexts which will inspire children to use their imaginations. We will give children opportunities to research and develop their ideas and skills in order to produce a valued and purposeful outcome.



Our vision...

We believe we are all spiritual with an inner self that needs nurturing through experiences that invoke awe and wonder and a deep emotional response.

We aim to enable children to develop hopes and dreams and to find their own place in the world whilst reflecting on treasured moments that transcend the ordinary.

We encourage children to explore and contemplate life’s big questions whilst finding real meaning and purpose to their lives.

We offer children the opportunities to seize the moment and to spontaneously react to significant experiences around them.

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Our School Core Values

Our school core values have recently been revised and updated in collaboration with staff, governors, parents and the wider community.
In their development and as a follow on from the previous FRUIT core values, all parties were keen to continue to purvey that our school is a place where all children thrive, where everyone is treated equally with care, compassion, understanding and kindness. Where all children are surrounded by interested, engaged and supportive adults who are passionate about developing the whole child and who have the children’s best interests at their very heart. We are a highly motivated teaching team who are focussed, determined, compassionate and who have the very best interests for all our children.
Our ETHOS values are:

  • Inclusive – we welcome everyone into our school; we have an approach to teaching that recognises the diversity and uniqueness of all children; we enable them to fully participate in the life and the curriculum of the school, with the knowledge that inclusive education benefits all.
  • Aspirational – we have an unwavering ambition to achieve something great for all our children and adults in our community.
  • Nurturing – We care, protect and keep safe all members of our school community as they develop, grow and succeed. We understand this plays a significant role in the development of mental health and wellbeing, confidence and empathy of our children.
  • Kind- We have a deep knowledge that the quality of being friendly, generous, considerate and compassionate are critical; we believe they are attributes that make people feel good about themselves, hopeful, confident that promotes peace in our community


Our 4 CORE values we believe encapsulates the ethos, and the heart of the school, and defines how everyone will work together to achieve the school’s vision.

  • Community: We always talk about our Orchard family! We are proud of our positive and respectful relationships with each other, our children and visitors to school. As a school community, we embrace inclusivity, we promote, encourage and expect good behaviours from each and every community member. We welcome all children, parents and our local community into the heart of our school and “reach out” to our community through our curriculum. When we all work together… great things happen in the lives of our children.
  • Opportunity: The school promotes everyone in our community to have the opportunity to develop themselves, to reach their potential, to try new experiences, meet new people who inspire, visit new places, learn new knowledge and skills, develop talents and interests, develop socially, help others , work independently and interdependently, develop critical thinking skills, be democratic, develop confidence through participation, volunteer in a variety of situations, set personal targets and pursue individual interests in a manner which broadens horizon , develops character and confidence and…GROW!
  • Responsibility: We are all responsible for our behaviours, responsible to allow each other to learn and grow, to keep each other safe and to be kind and tolerate to everyone we know. We have the responsibility to so the very best we can for all our children and for children to take responsibility within the community to ensure its success.
  • Excellence: We want everyone in our community to be proud of their personal achievements, to produce work of the highest quality, to set standards and personal goals for improvement and to make the best use of their talents, interests, time and resources.


We hope that you like our new values, that they also reflect your own values and those that you want your children to hold dear and uphold, as they travel on their educational and personal journey here at Orchard Infant School.

We would welcome any feedback, at any time.

Many thanks for your continued support,

Jane West