Orchard Infant School

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Who’s Who

From September 2021, we have a new class teacher at Orchard Infant School called Mrs Selby-Nicholls who will be teaching the Peaches class.

Mrs Selby-Nicholls has filmed a lovely video to introduce herself to her new class which you can view here.

Mrs Selby-Nicholls

Introducing Mrs Selby Nicholls - New Peaches Class Teacher from September 2021

Staff List 2020-2021


Headteacher: Mrs Jane West

Assistant Headteacher: Miss Kerry Sidney

Assistant Headteacher: Mrs Katherine Johnn

SENCo: Mrs Katherine Johnn, Mrs Jane West

Senior Admin Officer: Miss Caroline Wakeham



Apples: Miss Kerry Sidney

Cherries: Mrs Tracy Gallimore

Pears: Miss Maisie Archer

Year 1

Grapes: Miss Gemma Curnow

Lemons: Mrs Lucy Webb

Peaches: Miss Emma Brider

Year 2 

Mangoes: Mr Andrew Bowie

Pineapples: Mr Marc Gibbs

Strawberries: Mrs Michelle Kowalczyk


Teaching Assistants & Lunchtime Supervisory Assistants

Mrs Sue Humphries (HLTA)

Mrs Sandie Wright (Elsa and Parent Link Worker)


Mrs Rachael Anderson

Mrs Diane Allen                  

Mrs Kate Bezer                              

Mrs Lynette Carr    

Ms Hannah Clark 

Mrs Rosalind Cowin  

Miss Leanne Donald
Mrs Tracy Hagon                   

Mrs Jill Hill                         

Mrs Catherine Kemp          

Ms Amelia Juilland                  

Mrs Michele Officer   

Ms Eva Pallister      

Mrs Sally Pooley                

Miss Sian Porter

Mrs Hayley Rudge

Miss Amy Smith                 

Ms Jenaya Wilson         

Ms Laura Parkhurst                

Mrs Magda Wojcik           

Mrs Sandie Wright           


Librarian: Mrs Fiona Needham


Admin Officer: Mrs Amanda Geary

Senior Admin Assistant: Mrs Alison Berry

Admin Assistants:   Mrs Uyên Chalmers

                                   Mrs Deborah Child

Caretaker: Mr Ian Weston


Early Bird Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club Supervisor: Mrs Alison Berry

Early Bird Club Assistants: Mrs Lorraine White

                                              Mrs Diane Allen

                                              Mrs Magda Wojcik