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A very warm welcome to all of our Year R children starting in September 2021 and their families. Thankyou for choosing Orchard Infant School. We will be in touch soon with next steps and information.

Year 1 Learning Archive - 23rd March to 19th June 2020

W.C Monday 15th June 2020

Wednesday 16th June- Maths Video Lesson

This week the wonderful Mrs Webb has created a super video lesson for you. Watch out for the  cheeky competition at the end- who will win? Will it be the Lemons? The Grapes? or maybe it will be the Peaches! We will have to wait and see! The winning team will be announced on our ZOOM call next week! Have fun Year 1.


Wednesday - WB 15th June

Good Morning Year 1

15th June 2020

PE Daily Challenges: If you want to get fit, have fun and be competitive, then try these!

Use this sheet to record your scores and then send it off to one of the email addresses at the bottom. You could get a certificate!

Tuesday 9th June

Good Morning lovely Year 1. Miss Curnow has made a video to help you with this weeks learning in Phonics - please watch, and join in with, both parts of the video below.

Phonics 9 6 part 1

Year 1 phonics 9.6.20 Part 1 of 2

Phonics 9 6 part 2

Year 1 phonics 9.2.20 Part 2 of 2

Week Commencing (WC) Monday 8th June 2020


Good morning Year 1's and grown-ups. Hope you are all well and had a lovely weekend. 

Hopefully you read the email we sent on Friday about how we are going to set out your learning from now on. Here are PDF versions of the learning which is available to you for this week, just in case you would like to print it from here. We hope you find it helpful knowing the schedule of learning for the week ahead. Please head over to your "work" folder in Purple Mash, where you will find everything ready for the week and then you can choose when you complete it.


Tuesday 9th June: Phonics video lesson
Good morning everyone. 

There will be a phonics video uploaded here very soon- it is just taking a little while to upload.

We hope you enjoy it! 

Thursday 4th June 2020

Good morning everyone!

What a wet and miserable day it was yesterday! We hope you all found something to keep you busy. Fingers crossed it's a better day today. 

Love from Mrs Webb, Miss Strange and Miss Curnow xxx


Phonics (Thursday 4.6.20)

Writing (Thursday 4.6.20)

Let's carry on thinking about the book 'Winnie and Wilbur Stay Home'. 


“Rub-a-dub-plinkity-plink! I’m washing my hands in the sink.”


Wilma created a fun rhyme to sing while washing her hands. Can you create one too? Remember words that rhyme sound the same.


Maths (Thursday 4.6.20)

Wednesday 3rd June 2020

Good Morning to our beautiful Year 1 children. How're you all feeling today? We have all been at school this week and we are missing all of your faces, but we have LOVED seeing your learning that you have attached through Purple Mash - it has been wonderful to actually see your amazing work! Today all of your learning (phonics, maths and your weekly reading and writing activity) is all available on Purple Mash.


We also have a beautiful message from the lovely Mrs Bezer today for you all.


Have a lovely day Year 1. 


Lots of love,


Miss Curnow, Mrs Webb and Miss Strange x

A message from Mrs Bezer.

PDF copies of today's Phonics and Maths

Weekly reading challenge - Winnie and Wilbur stay at home

Here is the story which supports your weekly reading challenges set on Purple Mash. You can complete a little bit each day or all of it at once, it is completely up to you! There will now be a reading theme and challenge each week!

Winnie and Wilbur stay at home.

Tuesday 2nd June 2020

Good morning children and grown-ups!  


We know lots of you are using Purple Mash and have done the 2Dos we have set you. Well done you guys! Thank you especially to those of you who have managed to upload some of your work. This is wonderful as it helps us teachers to see what you are doing and give you some feedback.

Because of this, we have decided to put all of our Phonics, Maths, Reading and Writing learning on Purple Mash from now on. Don't worry, it will still be on the website too, along with the creative, physical and well-being activities, but only as PDFs not slideshows. 

On Purple Mash, we can set it as a 2Do each day and you will have until the following Monday to complete it all. 

When you have finished a piece of work, you have the option to upload it. You can either take a photo of it, scan it or save it as a document (if it's on a computer). We can then have a look at it and reply to you. Please be aware, all your teachers are now back in school teaching the little Year R children, so we won't be able to look at your work every day, maybe just once or twice a week. You will get alerts when we have done this so please check your alerts regularly.

We look forward to seeing all your hard work Year 1's. Keep it up- you are all amazing!


Mrs Webb, Miss Curnow and Miss Strange xxx


Phonics (Tuesday 2.6.20)

Mental Maths (Tuesday 2.6.20)

Maths (Tuesday 2.6.20)


Winnie and Wilbur stay at home.

Look at the front cover. 

1. Why do Winnie and Wilbur have to stay home?

2. What do you think Winnie and Wilbur get up to at home?

3. What do you think Winnie’s job is? Why do you think this?


Watch the video of Winnie and Wilbur stay at home.

How have you been keeping safe at home?

Monday 1st June 2020

Hello lovely Year 1's and families! Welcome to summer and the start of a new half term. Hopefully you all had a good holiday and made the most of the sunny weather. Unfortunately we cannot be in school together yet, like we were hoping, but we still have some fun online learning for you to keep those brains and bodies fit and healthy. We will be using Purple Mash a lot more too so look out for some 2Do's very soon.

Miss you all, 

Love from Mrs Webb, Miss Strange and Miss Curnow xxx




Phonics (1.6.20)


Mental Maths (Monday 1.6.20)

Today you are going to practise your number bonds by playing some online games.                Look carefully at these instruction pictures before you click on the link :

Now click this link to play:

Maths (Monday 1.6.20)

Reading (01.06.20)

This week we have a new book. Winnie and Wilbur Stay at Home by Valerie Thomas and Korky Paul.

Look at the front cover.

1. Why do Winnie and Wilbur have to stay home?

2. What do you think Winnie and Wilbur get up to at home?

3. What do you think Winnie’s job is? Why do you think this?




Our little surprise for you!


As promised here is our little surprise for you all. We have dedicated this beautiful video for all of you at Orchard Infant School. We want you to know what we miss you all so much and can't wait for the day that we are ALL back together again. Our fabulous Miss Wilson has been busy collecting lots of beautiful photographs from our memories at school (she is also the one singing which is just breathtaking!)


This video gave us goosebumps as we miss and care about you all so much.

We'll see each other soon but for now, enjoy the video.


Lots of love,


All of the staff at Orchard Infant School xxx

A little tribute to all of our wonderful children

Still image for this video

Another special treat from Mrs Wright

We are so lucky at Orchard Infant School to have Mrs Wright who looks after us all and keeps us happy and healthy. Mrs Wright has written a lovely poem to share with you all. We hope you enjoy it just as much as we did. 



*****    Please check back later this evening for some half term activity ideas    *****

Mrs Wright's Poem.MOV

Still image for this video
                 ********** HALF TERM IDEAS **********

Friday 22nd March 2020

Good Morning to all of our AMAZING Year 1 children. Can you believe we have made it through another week of online learning- and another half term too! Yes, that's right, today if the last day of our Summer 1 term, which means that for a whole week you get to relax, enjoy the sunshine and take some time to rest (but don't worry- we have some lovely creative ideas for you if you would like to do something different- we will upload these later on). We just want to say that we miss you all SO SO MUCH and we think about you all the time, wondering how you're getting on and what you have been up to! 



We have a lovely poem to show you later on written by the beautiful Mrs Wright.

We also have a very SPECIAL surprise for you later to show you just how much we have missed you... so make sure you watch this space!


Lots of love,


Miss Curnow, Mrs Webb and Miss Strange x

Phonics (22.5.20) - Spelling Test

Let's see how you get on with today's spelling test. At the end there is a page with all of our Summer 1 Tag words so you can carry on going over them! 

Maths (22.5.20)

Project- My Bean Diary (Purple Mash)

We are trialing something new with Purple Mash where we can upload our own lessons as a 2do which can be a lot more personal and allows us to actually SEE the children's work and give feedback! We want to give it a trial so have set the final diary entry task on Purple Mash this week.


This can be completed on paper (with their very best handwriting) and can be uploaded for us to read which would be lovely! All you need to do is click on the "upload work" button.


You can upload it as a picture or as a document. 

You can complete this today or you may want to spend some more time on you diary entry over the half term.


We really cannot wait to read them!

Thursday 21st May 2020

Good morning Year 1! Mrs Webb here. 

Did you manage to get out and see any bees yesterday? I saw lots buzzing round the flowers in the new bed I've been working on. It's almost finished now, thanks to all that learning about plants we have been doing lately. Here are some before and after photos:

Lemons, I have finally looked at all your learning on Purple Mash and I was amazed! Well done and thank you to those of you who have done your 2Dos. Please log on and see my comments. 

Grapes and Peaches, well done to you too. Miss Curnow and Miss Strange are also very impressed. Keep up the good work everyone!


Here is your learning for today, starting with some pilates (which is a bit like yoga):

Maths (Thursday 21.5.20)

If you have managed to finish all the phonics and Maths, why not try another one of yesterday's World Bee Day activities? Or you could catch up on your Purple Mash 2Dos.

Have a lovely day! xx

Wednesday 20th May 2020

Good morning lovely people!

As well as being Wellbeing Wednesday, today is also World Bee Day and we have some very exciting activities planned for you later.  Let's start with a song. Here is an old favourite, 'What a Wonderful World'. We want you to sing it so loud they can hear you in space! 

Love from Miss Curnow, Mrs Webb and Miss Strange xxx

Maths (Wednesday 20.5.20)

World Bee Day

You know how bees are always busy, busy, busy? Any idea why?  Why are the little critters so important? And why on earth do we need to  celebrate the buzzy blighters?

Let's find out and then let's get busy, busy, busy ourselves!

Tuesday 19th May 2020

Hi there Year 1's and families! 

Here is today's learning, starting as usual with some fitness fun. After Phonics and Maths, we are going to learn about two types of trees and then you can go on a tree hunt. Have fun!

Love from Mrs Webb, Miss Strange and Miss Curnow xxx



Minecraft | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Join Jaime in Minecraft world and use yoga to survive your first 24 hours!

Phonics Tuesday pdf

Maths (Tuesday 19.5.20)

Maths Tuesday pdf

Science (Tuesday 19.5.20)

Today we are going to learn that there are two types of tree- evergreen and deciduous (you say it like this: dee-sid-you-us). 

Monday 18th May 2020 


Good Morning you wonderful Year 1s! I hope you had a fabulous weekend and are excited for a new week of learning. Can you believe it is half term next week? How time flies. This week we have a new topic in maths and an amazing Tree Hunt activity. 


Love Miss Strange, Miss Curnow and Miss Webb. 

Active 8 Minute Workout 3 | The Body Coach TV

Maths (18.05.20)

Friday 15th May 2020

Good Morning to our fabulous Year 1 children and parents. How are you all doing? Can you believe we have worked through yet another week of online learning?! You are all just incredible... we know it is very different but you are all doing such a great job! We hope you have a lovely weekend in the sunshine, get some rest and relax and we will be back here on Monday morning. Stay safe everyone.


Lots of love,


Miss Curnow, Mrs Webb and Miss Strange x

To start off our morning...

Our amazing and incredibly talented Miss Smith has written another poem to say thank you to our NHS Superheroes. Have a listen, it is just incredible!

To our Superheroes (The NHS)

Written and performed by Amy Smith

Phonics- Spelling Test Time! (15.5.20)

Have you been going over the new tag words of the week? Let's find out...

Maths (15.5.20)

Today we are going to start comparing different measurements to challenge ourselves.

But first, as always, let's warm up those maths brains (if you can count in 10's forwards and backwards very quickly then why not try counting in 10's from ANY number, e.g: 15, 25, 35, 45 or 17, 27, 37, 47).

Project writing - My Bean Diary (15.5.20)

I am SO SO SO excited to show you my bean plant! I have been waiting all week for today so I can put a picture up, it has been a very exciting journey watching my plant grow and change. Has it been exciting for you too? Today it is time for us to write the next section of our bean diaries. I have written one too!

Guided Reading - The Enormous Turnip (15.5.20)

Have a read of this lovely story called "The Enormous Turnip". You can either flick through the slides or download the PDF. Then have a go at answering the questions!

Thursday 14th May 2020

Good Morning Year 1. We hope you enjoyed some of the Mindfulness activities from yesterday, I wonder if any of you created your very own self portraits? The sun is shining for us today- it is beautiful!

Have a fabulous day Year 1.

Lots of love,


Miss Curnow, Mrs Webb and Miss Strange x

P.E- Cosmic Kids Yoga

I always love doing Yoga... it relaxes my mind and body! Why don't you have a go? You can even get mummy and daddy or a brother or sister to join you! 

Frozen | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Phonics (14.5.20)

Today we are spending one final day learning about words which make the 'r' sound. We have a mild and a HOT HOT HOT phoneme spotter challenge at the end...I wonder who will brave the HOT challenge?

Maths (14.5.20)

We hope you enjoy our maths activities for you today... first as always have a go at our mental maths challenge! Have fun. 

Purple Mash Activity has been set (Project)

You have all been watching your own plants grow and you have been labelling different parts of a plant which is AMAZING! We have set you an important job on purple mash to answer the question: What happens as a plant grows? Use what you have learnt so far from labelling to explain what happens as a plant grows. Have fun!

Wednesday 13th May 2020

Good Morning to all of our amazing and resilient Year 1 children and parents! 

Welcome to Mindfulness Wednesday- a special and dedicated day we have each week to take some time to relax, breathe and focus on our own well-being!

We have a few activities for you to choose from today, to reflect and think.

We hope you all have a super day,

Lots of love,


Miss Curnow, Mrs Webb and Miss Strange x

Let's start our day with a good sing-a-long!

Still image for this video

Phonics (13.5.20)

Today we are learning alternative spellings for the 'r' phoneme. Get your robot arms ready to chop up and blend lots of words.

Maths (13.5.20)

Today go on an adventure around your house to continue your learning with measurement!

Mindfulness Activity- Self Portraits

What makes you special? What makes you unique? Take a look in the mirror today and remind yourself of just how special and resilient you are! Follow the slides to create your very own self portraits!

Family feel good jar!

Now more than ever feeling good, feeling happy and making sure everyone around you feels positive is SO SO SO important. Our very own Miss Sidney has created this super "feel good" challenge for you to all try today. Have fun!

Purple Mash - creative activities

We have set some purple mash activities for you to have a go at to finish your day. 

Tuesday 12th May.

Good Morning to all of our gorgeous Year 1 children. It looks like it is going to be another beautiful day out there! Make sure you take some time this week to go out in the fresh air too. We all miss you lots! 

Lots of love,

Miss Curnow, Mrs Webb and Miss Strange x

Phonics (12.5.20)

Today we will be spending one more day learning about alternative spellings for the 'oi' sound. Have fun!

Maths (12.5.20)

Today in our Maths lesson we are going to start to learn how to measure length and height using a ruler! This is a very grown up way of measuring and it's our next step as I am sure you have all been doing very well measuring with your paper hands! Have fun. 

Project learning- Science (12.5.20)

This week we will be learning to identify different parts of a plant. Gary the Gardener really needs your help! Do you think you can research and help him solve the problems on the slides below? Thank you Year 1. 

Monday 11th May

Good Morning to all of our gorgeous Year 1 children. We hope you all had a fabulous weekend and are ready for another week of online learning. I wonder how your beans are looking now? Mine has grown a lot over the past few days, I can't wait to show you a photograph later on in the week!


Lots of love,


Miss Curnow, Mrs Webb and Miss Strange x

Let's start our day with some singing!

P.E - Joe Wicks workout

Now for a little bit of a workout... I wonder how many of you have done some form of exercise a day?!

Phonics (11.5.20)

Today in phonics we will be learning about the different ways to spell words which have the 'oi' sound in. Our new tag words of the week are a little bit trickier, but there is a special mnemonic (rhyme) to help us remember the spellings for: would, should and could. We can say "Oh You Lucky Duck" which spells "ould". I hope that helps.

Maths (11.5.20)

Today we are spending one more day using our paper hands to measure length and height. Can you go on a hunt around your house or garden to measure bigger objects with your paper hands? Last week at school I measured the length of the pippins area- it was 91 hands long! 

First, how is your adding and subtracting? Do you think you can warm your math brains up by solving the problems on the 'Mental Maths' slide below? You can do it mentally or you can use jottings.

Purple Mash (WB 11.5.20)

We have set three activities for you to complete on purple mash this week. One spelling activity, one science healthy food activity and one creative "grow your own garden" activity. Have fun!

Friday 8th May 2020 - VE Day

Good Morning Year 1. Wow it is Friday already! We hope that you enjoyed Miss Smith's fantastic poem. If you have not yet seen the video scroll down below. 


Now today is a special Friday as it is Victory in Europe Day. Today we celebrate the defeat of Germany in World War II. Below is a short presentation explaining VE Day and a range of exciting challenges that you can complete to celebrate. 

We hope that you have a great day and we will be back next week!


Love Miss Strange, Mrs Webb and Miss Curnow. 

A Moment of Hush

Thursday 7th May 2020


Good Morning Year 1.

We hope you had a relaxing day yesterday and enjoyed Miss Smith's Art Challenge. Today is the last day of learning this week as tomorrow is Victory in Europe Day so we have something different planned. 


Love Miss Strange, Mrs Webb and Miss Curnow. 

Active 8 Minute Workout 2 | The Body Coach TV

It is always important to exercise so that we keep fit and healthy. it is a great way to start the day as it wakes you up and gives you lots of energy!

Phonics and Spelling Test (07.05.20)

Maths (07.05.20)


Reading 07.05.20

‘Shh! We Have A Plan’


Join in with the story one last time:


SHHH we have a plan

We hope you have enjoyed exploring this funny story over the last couple of weeks.

Here are some more activities for you to try:


  • Write the little one’s diary when they got back home that night.  What happened and what did they think about the plan to catch the bird?
  • On your daily walk or in your garden, notice a creature that lives in the wild.  Take a picture of it if you can.  Make your own drawing of the creature, describe what it looks like in words.  Maybe find out more about it by talking to the adults around you and by using a computer search engine.
  • Make your own paper cut picture of a beautiful creature in a deep, dark forest, a garden or a city at night.  On his website, Chris Haughton tells us how he made the illustrations from paper cuts:

Project - Growing Mad

Wednesday 6th May 2020 - Mindfulness Wednesday

Welcome to another Mindfulness Wednesday Year 1. We hope you all had fun with your 'New Things Tree' and your new hobbies. This week we have a fun Art Actvity from Miss Smith for you to try. 


Have fun and remember to relax. 


Love Miss Strange, Mrs Webb and Miss Curnow. 

Singing Assembly (06.05.20)

Maths (06.05.20)

An Art Challenge from Miss Smith

Be the Pond | Cosmic Kids Zen Den - Mindfulness for kids

Tuesday 5th May 2020

Good Morning Year 1. Welcome to another day of learning. We hope you are all staying safe at home and having lots of fun. We also hope that you are enjoying this lovely weather. We are sure all the plants love the sun. 


Love from Miss Strange, Mrs Webb and Miss Curnow. 

Maths (05.05.20)

Reading (05.05.20)

‘Shh! We Have A Plan’


This time turn down the volume and YOU be the storyteller!

SHHH we have a plan

Look again at the very last page of the book:


  • What do you think the big characters will do next?
  • What is the little one thinking? Try to speak their thoughts aloud!
  • Which character would you want to be in the book and why?
  • Do you have a favourite moment in the story?
  • Do you think the story has a serious message, or is it just a funny story?



Video yourself reading the book aloud, bringing the characters and the drama to life!


Science (05.05.20)

Monday 4th May 2020

Good morning everyone. Welcome to another week. Did you all have a lovely weekend? How are your beans coming along? Remember to write in your Bean Diary each time something exciting happens. Happy learning!

Love from Mrs Webb, Miss Curnow and Miss Strange xxx


Phonics (4.5.20)


Maths (4.5.20)

Design Technology (4.5.20)

Evaluating your snack PDF

Friday 1st May 2020

Good Morning to all of our gorgeous Year 1 children. Can you believe it is the 1st of May today? We have managed yet another week of our online learning adventure together and we just want to say we are all SO proud of you! It is very strange not seeing your lovely little faces every day and we are missing you so much, but we know that you are all doing so well at home! 

Have a lovely weekend Year 1. 

Let's keep our fingers crossed for some more sunshine soon!


Lots of love,


Miss Curnow, Mrs Webb and Miss Strange 


Spelling test (01.05.20)

Have you been learning those tricky tag words this week?

Grab your green books and turn those brains on because it is time for your weekly spelling test! I wonder who will get 4 out of 4?

Maths (01.05.20)

Today is our last day learning all about position and direction. We have such a fun challenge ready for you!


But first, let's warm our math brains up by doing some counting. Follow the YouTube video below for a workout and count session with Jack Hartmann!

Reading (01.05.20) - ‘Shh! We Have A Plan’


Read our story “Shh! We Have A Plan” again:

The YouTube link to the story is below


Look back at what you wrote about it the other day and then think about these questions together:


There are 3 ‘big’ characters and one little one. 


  1. What was the big characters’ plan?  Was this good or bad?
  2. What was the little one’s plan?  Was this good or bad?
  3. Who do you think is the cleverest character now?
  4. Why do you think they wanted to catch the bird in the first place?


Write down your ideas in your green book.


Look at the pictures and colours of the forest compared to the bird.


  • What do you notice? 
  • Why do you think the writer and illustrator of the book, Chris Haughton gave the bird such bright colours?
  • How do you feel when you get to the picture where there are lots and lots of birds? 
Project work (01.05.20)

Thursday 30.04.20

Good Morning Year 1. We hope you enjoyed our Mindfulness Wednesday as much as we did. I wonder if you have started your “New Things Tree” yet?


Today we are going to start our day with a book which is all about Coronavirus. It can be very tricky and difficult to understand what Coronavirus is, why everyone is talking about it and why it has made things different for us all. Hopefully this lovely book will help you understand and might answer some questions you have, so have a sit down with an adult and read through this story together.

Coronavirus: A book for children

P.E with Joe Wicks

Doing some form of exercise every single day is SO important to keep your mind and body healthy! Exercise always puts a smile on your face because it releases lots of fantastic "happy" chemicals in your brains! So let's get started!

Phonics (30.4.20)

Today for our phonics we are spending one more day learning about the different spellings for words which have the ‘n’ sound in. Mr Bump really needs your help today so let’s hope you have your phonics brains ready!


As usual, the slides are below so that you are able to access the lesson without printing anything. However, if you would prefer to print the work there is a printable PDF version too. Have fun!

Maths (30.4.20)

Today for our Maths we have a practical activity for you so that you can spend some time mastering position and direction. First, as always, we need to warm up our brains with some Mental Maths. Can you count in 10's forwards and backwards to 100? Have a go!


We have also included a printable PDF version of our Maths learning, just incase you would prefer to print out the work.

Science (30.4.20)

For our Science learning today please follow the link below to the BBC bitesize website where you will find a video to explain what seeds need to grow! You can spend some time researching the internet too!




Now head over to Purple Mash 

On Purple Mash we have set you a small activity to complete called "Plants Labelling and Growing".  Have fun!

Why not finish your day with a story?

Wednesday 29th April 2020- Mindfulness Day

Good Morning Year 1. As always, our Wednesday this week will be a mindfulness Wednesday where we concentrate on our minds, bodies and positive thoughts and feelings. It gives you all a chance to either catch up with learning or relax and just breathe.


It is so important to make time for mindful activities, rest and reflection. Let's start our day with some music; singing is excellent for our souls and uplifts us all.

Have a beautiful day Year 1.


Lots of love,


Miss Curnow, Mrs Webb and Miss Strange x

Singing Assembly (29.4.20)

We always love our singing assemblies so here is a special song from the fabulous Miss Wilson - it is one of my favourites! 

Phonics (29.4.20)

Today we have a short phonics lesson to learn the different spellings for the 'n' sound. Work your way through the slides until you reach the challenge at the end. Can you help Mr Bump find all of the 'n' sounds in the phoneme spotter story? He really needs your help!

Maths (29.4.20)

Today Tom the Teddy has a special mission for you in Maths- make sure you read very carefully. First... can you count in 5's to 100?

Our Mindfulness Activity- The "New Things Tree"

I have been very lucky and have bumped into a couple of Gorgeous Grapes whilst on a walk or doing my food shop. I have been so pleased to hear that you are all making the most of this strange time we are facing- I have heard that some of you are not only doing our online learning but are also learning new things, like learning how to ride a bike! 


We have a lovely PowerPoint below from Mrs Bezer explaining how you can create a "New Things Tree" as a reminder of all of the wonderful things you have done since being home from school. 

We have also been adding things to our "New Things Tree".


I have started running and am very excited to start running for charities when I can!

Mrs Webb has started sewing and embroidery- just look how fabulous her work is!

Miss Strange has challenged herself to start completing all sorts of puzzles!

Even as adults, it is exciting and important to try new things.


We can't wait to hear all about what you have been up to whilst at home.


Mindfulness Breathing Activity

Why not try some mindfulness breathing exercises to finish your day? 

Mindfulness Meditation for Kids | BREATHING EXERCISE | Guided Meditation for Children


Tuesday 28th April 2020

Good Morning Year 1. I hope you are ready for another day of fun learning - we are all missing you so much but we know that you have been keeping busy at home! We have a special message from Mrs Bezer today about her robins! It is very exciting!

First let's start our day with a workout!


Joe Wicks

5 Minute Move | Kids Workout 4 | The Body Coach

Phonics (28.4.20)

Today in phonics we are spending one more day learning the different ways to spell words which make the y 'oo' sound. Don't forget to read those tricky tag words at the beginning of the slides too! Have fun. 

Maths (28.4.20)

We will be continuing our learning around position and direction. Do you think you have learnt which way is left and which way is right? We will find out soon. First, can you count in 2's to 100? Can you count in 2's backwards from 100? Now that's tricky! Have a go.

Science (28.4.20)

This week in science have a look in your garden or go on a walk to see which plants you can find. You can use the internet to research different plants too!


Before you start, follow the link below to watch a short BBC bitesize clip which shows you the kind of plants you  might find outside.


This activity can be done today, tomorrow or any other day this week. Have fun!

Mrs Bezer's Remarkable Robins!

Monday 27th April 2020

Good Morning Year 1. I hope you have all had a fabulous weekend and have been enjoying the gorgeous sunshine! Have you all planted your beans yet? I wonder if anything has happened to them? I have planted one too so I will be uploading some pictures this week to show you! Are you ready for another fun week of learning?

Let's get started!


Lots of love,


Miss Curnow, Mrs Webb and Miss Strange x

P.E - Cosmic Kids Yoga

Let's start our day with some relaxing Yoga! Did you know that yoga helps your concentration, calmness and relaxation? Have fun Year 1! 

Squish the Fish | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!
We join Jaime for a Cosmic Kids yoga adventure all about learning to have your own adventures.

Phonics (27.04.20)

Today in phonics we will be learning about the different ways to spell words which have the y'oo' sound in. I have a youtube video to help you all with this sound. As always, please start by looking at your new tag words of the week and quickly reading all of our sounds so far. 

Phonics: Different ways to spell '(y)oo'

Here is the video which you will need to support your phonics learning this morning.

Maths (27.04.20)

This week in Maths we will be learning all about position and direction. First let's get our Math brains all warmed up with some counting in Mental Maths. I wonder if you can count all the way to 100 and then backwards? Have a go!

Reading (27.04.20)

‘Shh! We Have A Plan’


Remember we looked at the front cover of this story the other day? Now look carefully at the first two flyleaf pages below and answer these questions together:


  1. Will they have a good plan or a bad plan?
  2. Who will be the cleverest character? Why?

You could write down your thoughts in your green book to help you remember them later.


When you have done that, carry on and enjoy the whole story. 

This is a great book for you to join in with as you pick up the patterns in the text.

We will think more about the story later in the week.


Here is the youtube link to the whole story-we hope you enjoy it!

Growing Mad project work- D.T  

We have a special mission for you this week as our new project is all about different plants and foods which grow! We hope you enjoy this activity- you could even do some writing in your green books afterwards: write a recipe which you have followed, write some instructions or create a factfile about a fruit or vegetable. Have fun Year 1.

Friday 24th April 2020

Hi everyone! 

Can you believe it's Friday already? Have you all managed to plant your beans? Keep a close eye on them as something very exciting should happen soon. When the paper towel dries out, pour a little water on it to keep it moist. DON'T pour the water directly onto the beans or they might go moldy!

Have a lovely weekend!

Love from Mrs Webb, Miss Curnow and Miss Strange xxx

Phonics (Friday 24.4.20)

Maths (Friday 24.4.20)

Science (Friday 24.4.20)

Earlier in the week, we planted our tiny broad beans, which should hopefully grow into tall broad bean plants.               

Have you ever eaten a broad bean? What about a runner bean? Or a green bean? How about a baked bean? Did you ever wonder where those beans came from and how they got onto your plate? What about carrots? Or peas? Where did they come from?


Today we would like you to find out the journey of a vegetable. How did it start its life? How did it get into the shops and how did your grown-up turn it into a yummy dinner for you? 


Here are some videos you can watch. If you want to be really clever, you could draw a flow chart afterwards to show the journey. You can make it look however you like but remember to link each stage with arrows.

Frozen peas: from farm to fork

Did you know frozen peas are the most popular frozen food in the UK? Here we learn about the fascinating process of harvesting and freezing the peas, ready f...

Saucy Baked Beans: how do beans grow?

Baked beans are grown in America, then shipped to Italy, before they make it to our shops in the UK. Check out the fascinating journey.

Budding Broccoli: how does broccoli grow?

Learn about the different types of broccoli, the conditions they need to thrive, and the process of planting the seeds.

There are lots more videos like these on Youtube for you to choose from. 

Over the weekend, look closely at your plate at mealtimes. What else came from a plant? Bet you can't spot 10 things! 

Thursday 23rd April 2020


Good morning all you lovely little people out there (oh, and bigger folks of course).

Let's start the day with some Joe Wicks. This is just a short workout for those of you who didn't have the time or the energy for the full 30 minute one this morning! Go on, you can do it!

Active 8 Minute Workout Featuring Eloise and Charlie | The Body Coach TV

This is a great one for all ages. 2 rounds | 7 exercises | 20 seconds work | 20 seconds rest Reverse lunges Mountain climbers Squats / Squat jumps Sprint on ...

Reading (Thursday 23.4.20)


Today we will just look at the cover of a book and do some detective work.

It is called “Shh! We Have A Plan” by Chris Haughton.

Think together:


  • When do we say ‘Shh!’ and put a finger to our lips? 
  • How might these characters know each other? 
  • How is the little one different and why are they not saying ‘Shh!’ like the others?
  • What do you think this story might be about?


Next time, we will peek inside!

Maths (Thursday 23.4.20)

3D Shapes I Know

Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Welcome to another beautiful day! We hope you are staying busy and having fun. Remember to get out in that sunshine and enjoy nature if you can. Let's start our day with some Cosmic Kids yoga:


We're Going on a Bear Hunt

A Cosmic Kids yoga adventure based on the lovely story by Michael Rosen, We're Going on a Bear Hunt. Join Jaime as we try to catch a big one...

Maths (Wednesday 22.4.20)

It's Earth Day!

Earth Day (Wednesday 22.4.20)

It's Earth Day today! That means we are celebrating our wonderful planet. What better way than to get outside in the fresh air and do one of these:


  • This year, Earth Day celebrates one of the most important creatures on the planet: the bee! Go out and look for bees. There are lots of different types. Listen to their wings buzzing. Watch them as they fly from plant to plant looking for juicy nectar and pollinating the plants at the same time. Then you will understand why we say the phrase "Busy bees!" If you stay quite still and just watch them quietly, they will leave you alone. They are far too busy working to bother about you!
  • Paint or draw the earth and a bee for your window.
  • Look for daisies and make a daisy chain. It's fun and very calming. You could hang that in your window too.
  • Here are some more exciting things for you to try: 


Tuesday 21st April 2020

Happy Tuesday Year 1!

Let's start the day with a smile and a sing-song. Here is something special from all your teachers to say how much we miss you and love you. Don't forget to sing along!

Count On Me

Maths (Tuesday 21.4.20)

Shape Up| Jack Hartmann

Monday 20th April 2020

Good morning to all our wonderful children and parents!

Hopefully you had a fantastic Easter and are ready for more fun learning. We will start with some exercise as usual followed by Phonics and Maths. Then we are going to start an exciting new project! It's a Science and Design Technology project that will keep us all busy over the next few weeks.

Love from Mrs Webb, Miss Curnow and Miss Strange xxx



Why not try some calming yoga with Mrs Webb

Now it's time to start our fun new project!

To the Gorgeous Grapes, Luscious Lemons and Perfect Peaches,


Wow, just like that the end of another term has come and it has definitely been one which has made us all a little more resilient! We have been on such a journey together and we are so proud of all of you!


We are all missing you and thinking about you all of time and how fabulous you all really are, we look at our class photo we have on our desks and smile at your cheeky little faces – this has been a very strange time for all of us but we know that we will bounce back from this and we will be more resilient than ever before!


Please make sure you all get some rest, relax, chill and enjoy this GORGEOUS sunshine during your Easter holidays. If you head on over to Purple Mash, we have set some challenges for you to complete if you choose to. Just log in using the new log ins we sent out and then click on your 2Dos tab. These will be available from Monday 6th April for two weeks.


We have uploaded a variety of lovely Easter activities below for you if you would like to do them- they are completely optional but were some ideas that we thought you might like and enjoy.


We will be back with a new project and more exciting online learning on Monday 20th April.

We all hope you have a lovely Easter break Year 1.

Keep smiling those cheeky smiles and stay safe.


Lots of love,


Miss Curnow, Mrs Webb and Miss Strange.


********** EASTER ACTIVITIES **********


Scavenger Hunt by Mrs Bezer.


Why not try a scavenger hunt in your garden or whilst on a spring walk?

You could try some baking...

Mrs Wojcik has shared a lovely Polish recipe with you all, why not give it a go?

You could also try following the instructions below to make Easter Egg nests!

Create a Time Capsule!


Why not keep a reminder of this strange time in history and create a time capsule? One day children just like you will think of and perhaps even study this event in history- just like when we looked at toys in the past during our project "Time to Play". You can record your thoughts, feelings and experiences so that they become a recorded part of history!


Arts and Crafts - Create an Easter Character.

Keep Active!

You can do Joe Wicks or Cosmic Kids Yoga every single morning still to keep your mind and body healthy- just type them in on YouTube.

If you wanted to try something different, why not try this...


P.E Name Activity

Spell out your name and complete the activity for each letter. For a challenge, include your surname! To mix it up you can use your favourite character's name of a family member's name.


Gardening Fun!


Why not try some gardening during the Easter holidays?

Purple Mash Activities.


We have set some activities and fun games for you on Purple Mash! This will be available from Monday 6th April. You will need to log in using the new details that were emailed to you and then look for your 2Dos.

Have fun!

Mindfulness for the grown ups.


Make sure you as adults also have time to relax and unwind during the Easter holidays- for the past two weeks you have unexpectedly become teachers! We know that this time would have come with its own challenges and we truly think you are all incredible!


Our gorgeous Mrs K has created a lovely mindfulness activity for you to try (only if you would like to, that is).


Happy Easter x

The Big Easter Quiz

Last week you learnt the Easter Story. How much do you remember about it?                        This multiple-choice quiz will check your understanding. If you want to, have another look at last Friday's Powerpoint first to remind yourself of the story.


Learning at home Week 2 - 30.3.20 to 3.4.20

Scroll down for all learning at home activities for week 2. 

Friday 3rd April


Good morning!

Can you believe another week has gone by? We have one last day of school-type learning for you and then we will leave you with lots of fun activities to keep you busy over the two week Easter break. Also there will be some 2Dos for you on Purple Mash so check it out on Monday.

Stay safe and keep smiling.


Love from Mrs Webb, Miss Curnow and Miss Strange xxx


Phonics - Spelling Test (03.04.20)


Today is our spelling test to see if you have learnt our tag words of the week! Ask an adult or an older brother or sister to read out each of the tag words of the week for you to spell (they can be found at the beginning of each Phonics slide). 


During the Easter holidays, please continue to read and spell all of your tag words so far!


Good Luck Year 1.




Maths (03.04.20)


Today is our last day learning all about volume and capacity. 

We have chosen a game for you to play- follow the link and choose the easiest option on the website. But first, see if you can write down all of your  number bonds to 20- you can use the Mental Maths slide to help if you like.


Have fun!


RE (3.4.20)

Today you are going to learn the Easter Story. Just like 'Badger's Parting Gifts', there are some sad bits but also a happy ending. Have a go at reading the text yourself and answer the questions with a grown-up. 

Parents: if you have Powerpoint, choose that version as there are animations.

Now watch a couple of clips about how Christian families might celebrate Easter today.        Do you do any of these things?

Springtime activities by Mrs Bezer (03.04.20)


Our very own fabulous Mrs Bezer has been busy creating some fun springtime activities for you all! You may choose to complete these today, this weekend or over the Easter holidays.


Have fun! 


Thursday 2nd April

Hi everyone, 

Hopefully you enjoyed our little prank yesterday.There are none today, we promise! Did you get creative with our elephant mindfulness activity? There is another arty activity in RE today and there will be more coming next week for you to enjoy during the Easter break. 


Phonics (02.04.20)


Good Morning! Today we are spending one final day learning about the different ways to spell words which make the 'f' sound. I hope you have your robot arms ready to sound out lots of different words! We also have a spelling game for you and a final activity at the end of the slides.

Keep going over those tricky tag words!


Maths (02.04.20)


Let's start off our maths session with some Mental Maths challenges!

Can you complete the missing numbers to make sure they total 20? You can use jottings or objects to help you!


Today we have a  little activity for you if you have the ingredients at home... look at the slides to see what your mission is. If you do not have these items then you can spend some time measuring anything in your kitchen- you may even bake a cake!

RE (2.4.20)

Springtime Art by Miss Smith (02.04.20)


A lovely creative lesson from our very own talented and fabulous Miss Smith! You may choose to do this activity today, this weekend or you can save it for the Easter holidays- it is completely up to you!


Have fun and get creative Year 1.



Wednesday 1.4.20

Good morning Year 1.

Today we have some very exciting challenges for you.

Hope you are feeling fit and clever! 


Complete these challenges. Remember to scroll through all the pages.

Good Morning everybody!


Oh it is such a gorgeous day outside today isn't it?

We hope you are all enjoying our online journey so far. Just like last week, we are going to have a "Mindfulness Wednesday" which is very important time for you to do something today that makes you feel happy; bake a cake, go outside on a scavenger hunt, create some art- ANYTHING at all that makes you feel good. This also gives you all a chance to catch up if you are behind with the learning. 


We have found a lovely creative idea if you would like some inspiration...scroll down to our "Rainbow Elephants" activity .

We also have a special lesson coming tomorrow from our very own Miss Smith.

Watch this space...


Lots of love,


Miss Curnow, Mrs Webb and Miss Strange. 




Singing is an AMAZING thing to do... it just has a way of uplifting our spirits!

Let's fill our houses with music.

Phonics (01.04.20)


Good Morning! Today in Phonics we will be learning about the different ways to spell words which have the 'f' sound in. Make sure you keep on going over the tag words of the week!

Maths (01.04.20)


Today we have a few reasoning activities for you to think about and discuss. It is all about capacity! But first... do you know your number bonds to 20? It is time for some Mental Maths. Remember, you can work systematically:

0 + 20=

1 + 19 = 

2 + __

Tuesday 31st March 

Morning everyone!

We have some more fun learning in store for you today so let's get cracking...

P.E - Cosmic Kids Yoga (31.03.20)


Namaste Year 1! This morning for our P.E head over to YouTube where you can enjoy a relaxing and peaceful yoga session to focus your mind and body for the day ahead! Follow the link below.

Phonics (31.03.20)


Today we are spending one last day going over words which make the 'igh' sound. We have lots of different level challenges for you to complete today... I wonder if you'll be able to try the HOT challenge at the end? Have fun!

Maths (31.03.20)


This week we are continuing to learn all about capacity and volume. We have a special mission for you to complete around the house today and we also have a 'reasoning' challenge.

But first, for our Mental Maths,  let's practise those number bonds to 10!

Have fun!

RE (31.03.20)

Monday 30th March


Good morning you lovely lot! 


Hope you had a fabulous weekend, relaxing and playing in the sunshine. Aren't we lucky with the weather at the moment? Let's hope it continues; we have had more than enough rain for one year!

This week, as well as doing our usual Phonics, Reading, Maths and PE lessons, we will also be exploring Easter through some RE activities. 

Happy learning!

Mrs Webb, Miss Strange and Miss Curnow 

PE (30.03.20)

Let's start the week with a Joe Wicks workout.                                                                    Remember it is important to keep our brains and our bodies in shape!

Active 8 Minute Workout Featuring Alfie | The Body Coach TV

8 minute kids workout 😊

Phonics (30.03.20)


Good Morning everybody. Well done on your spelling test last week, I bet you all did a SUPER job! Our new tag words of the week are: Mr, Mrs, friend and love. 


Today we will be learning about different ways to spell words which have the 'igh' phoneme (sound) in. As always, we will start by recapping the sounds we have learnt so far! Have your green books at the ready for a very HOT challenge at the end of the slides.

Have fun Year 1.

Maths (30.03.20)

RE From sadness to Happiness (Easter) 30.03.20


Yay- Easter is nearly here!                                                               You are probably getting excited about the Easter Bunny and hunting for chocolate eggs! But have you ever thought about why we have eggs at Easter? Well, it all started with a story about Jesus that Christians have been telling for thousands of years. The story is in the Christians' special book, the Bible, but you can read it later this week in a slideshow. We will be thinking about sadness and happiness and how the Easter story has a bit of both. You will need to have your thinking hats on and be ready to consider lots of questions. This might be a challenge for some of you; you may find that some members of your family have different ideas to you and that's OK. Just listen politely to everyone and then you can make up your own mind.

Remember: in RE, no-one is right and no-one is wrong!


But first... please watch a story called 'Badger's Parting Gifts'. It has some sad bits in it but don't worry, it has a happy ending. Listen carefully and answer the questions below at the end.

[Badger's Parting Gifts] By Susan Varley ♡ Spoken Ruby Dee

Now talk with your grown-up:


Which parts of the story were sad? 


Which parts were happy? 


What 'gifts' did Badger leave his friends? 


If you were Badger, what would you leave for your friends so they could always remember you? 

Finally today, let's have a sing-song to cheer us all up! Here is an old favourite, Count on Me. Remember to play it as a slideshow so you can hear the music and see the lyrics at the same time. Enjoy!

Friday 27th March 2020


Good morning Year 1!

We made it through our first week together. Hope you have enjoyed our challenges and kept those brains in good working order. Don't forget though, it is just as important to keep active and get out in the sunshine if you can. Don't spend all your time glued to the computer!

Today is the last day of the virtual school week and then you can have a couple of days rest. More learning will be posted on Monday so, until then, have fun and stay well-behaved for your brilliant new home teachers. Have a lovely weekend!

 Mrs Webb, Miss Strange and Miss Curnow xx

Update from Little Haven Nursing Home


Wow guys, there have already been some beautiful pictures that have been emailed to Little Haven Nursing Home- thank you so much!

I am aware that some of you have had a little trouble emailing in, I just want to write the email here again:


Thank you for your lovely pictures/ letters so far!



P.E - Joe Wicks (27.3.20)


Let's end our week with a final Joe Wicks workout. Have you managed to do a form of exercise every single day this week? If you have, WELL DONE!

Follow the link below to the workout...

Spellings (Friday 27.3.20)


Just like any Friday at school, we won't have a Phonics lesson today. Instead your grown-up can test you on the four tag words you have focused on this week. Can you read them really quickly? Can you spell them too?

Good luck!


Maths (Friday 27.3.20)

Thursday 26th March 2020


Good Morning Year 1! Happy Thursday to you all. 

Can you believe we are nearly at the end of the first week of our online learning journey?

We have tried to keep it as normal as possible for you all. Always check this page as it will be updated daily. To all of the special mummies and daddies out there teaching your children, I just wanted to say... YOU ARE DOING A SUPER JOB! Enjoy this time with your children, please do the online learning but also use this as a perfect opportunity to teach your children some life skills like cooking and cleaning or even learning a new skill.


I have a VERY important mission for our lovely Year 1 children this space.

Lots of love,


Miss Curnow, Mrs Webb and Miss Strange x

P.E - Joe Wicks (26.03.20)


Let's start our day with a Joe Wicks workout. Exercise is so important to keep us fit, healthy and happy. 


Phonics (26.3.20)


Today in phonics we are going to spend one last day learning about the different ways to spell words which have the 'ch' phoneme (sound) in. We have lots of words for you to read today- make sure you are robotting (sounding out) if you need to. As always, we will start with recapping all of the sounds we have learnt in Year 1 so far...

Maths (26.3.20)


Today in Maths we will be learning about the word 'mass'. We have a special song for you to help you learn and an activity for you too.

Let's start our session today with some Mental Maths. Can you count in ones all the way up to 100? What about backwards from 100? Have a go!

Special mission for Year 1 (26.3.20)


Hello Year 1. I have received a very important message from my special friend and I just knew that you would all LOVE this mission because it is all about being a bucket filler!


Head over to Youtube to watch the story of “Have you filled a bucket today?” By Carol McCloud if you can’t quite remember what a bucket filler is. The link is below.


Then follow the slides below to reveal your special mission.



Wednesday 25th March 2020


Good Morning you amazing Year 1s! It is the third day of our online learning and we hope you are having a great time learning from home. We know it can be difficult but we want you to keep going because you are all awesome. Keep looking at the website because we will keep updating it with new and wonderful things. 

Enjoy the lovely sunshine. 

Lots of love Miss Strange, Mrs Webb, and Miss Curnow 


Mindfulness Challenges (25.3.20)



We thought today it would be good if we had a mindfulness activity day to give everybody time to either catch up or even to try different things or try things differently. There are some suggestions below or you could try something else that makes you feel good. Hmm, I wonder if you can find something to do which doesn't use electricity. Have a go at shadow drawing. Use anything you can find like a favourite toy. You might even spot some 2D shapes in your artwork!

Miss Strange is completing a puzzle for her mindfulness activity but it may take a while because it is 1000 pieces! 
Music (25.3.20)

Lets have some music to make us feel uplifted! Singing is great for your well-being, It makes us feel happy inside! Open the PowerPoint and fill your homes with music (remember to press slide show). Here is a YouTube link in case you don't have PowerPoint

Phonics (25.03.20) 


Today we are learning about the different ways to spell words which have the 'ch' phoneme in. Have a look through the slides and see what challenge you can get to today. Remember to keep practicing all of your sounds. 

Maths (25.03.20)


Today in maths we are continuing with weight. We are going to be using our reasoning skills to answer some questions so remember to use that conjunction 'because'!

Handwriting Challenge 


Let's do some handwriting! Head over to Home - Learning - Supporting Your Childs Learning - English - Handwriting. Have a look at our videos and practice those lead ins and lead outs! 

Story Time


To finish off the day have a look at our story videos in Children - Story Time and watch Miss Strange read 'The Very Hungry Worry Monster'. 


Have a think about what worries you and maybe what your monster would look like. Maybe you could draw your monster and put them up somewhere you will see them everyday so that they can eat all your worries away! 


Here is some ideas to get you started: 



Tuesday 24th March 2020


Good Morning Year 1. Isn't it such a beautiful day today? It is really starting to feel like springtime now! Are you all ready for day 2 of our online learning adventure? Keep on checking the website for new learning which will be uploaded throughout the day.


Lots of love,


Miss Curnow, Mrs Webb and Miss Strange x

P.E - Cosmic Kids Yoga (24.3.20)


Let's start our day today with some peaceful, calming yoga! 

Follow the link below to start your yoga session today- we are all giving it a go too!

Phonics (24.3.20)


Today in phonics we are spending one more day learning about the different ways to spell words which have the 'ee' sound in. We have a special mission for you to complete today and even a SUPER HOT chilli challenge at the end of our phonics session. 

As always, we'll start with the tag words of the week and sounds that we should know first. Work your way through the slides and use your special green books to record your work. 

Have fun.